Lou Jianmin: Be the Pioneer of Railway Construction

Seetao 2022-05-15 15:18
  • Since joining the company, Lou Jianmin has grown from a former surveyor to a technical expert
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Lou Jianmin, Project Survey Supervisor of China Railway Construction 16th Bureau Group Fifth Engineering Co., Ltd., won the first place in the Surveyor Skills Competition of the Key Projects of Central Yunnan Water Diversion in the 17th Yunnan Provincial Staff Vocational Skills Competition, and a worker of China Railway Construction Corporation Limited Pioneer Medal, Yunnan Province Technical Scholar, Yunnan Province May 1st Labor Medal and China Railway Construction Sixteenth Bureau Group's 8th "Central Enterprise Backbone · Employee Role Model", labor model and other honors.

For more than 20 years, Lou Jianmin, the project survey supervisor of the Fifth Engineering Co., Ltd. of China Railway Construction Sixteenth Bureau Group, has traveled through mountains and valleys every year on the routes of Nankun, Neikun, Guiguang, Shenbai, etc. With the continuous expansion of the high-speed rail network in the vast land of the motherland, Lou Jianmin continued to grow, and won the honors such as Yunnan Province Technical Champion and Yunnan Province May 1st Labor Medal.

Sensitive and eager to learn and grow into a young "general"

Measurement work is the "eye" of engineering construction. For a railway to be accurately completed from the points, lines and planes on the design drawings to the ground, the surveyors must first carry out construction stakeouts and collect data through measuring instruments. The resulting measurement report provides the most basic data reference for subsequent construction.

In 1995, after graduating from school, Lou Jianmin joined the Second Team of the Fifth Division of the South-Kunming Railway of the China Railway 16th Bureau Group. On the first day at the construction site, the technical supervisor took him to the measurement site. At that time, the measuring instruments used on the construction site were relatively old theodolites, which were complicated and cumbersome to operate, and the old comrades on the site were not very skilled in using them. Lou Jianmin tried it, and the deviation between the two lines was very small. The technical director was impressed by this hairy guy and handed over the work of using the instrument to him.

Half a year later, a more intelligent and precise measuring instrument, the total station, was widely used on the construction site. One day, the technical supervisor handed Lou Jianmin a total station imported from abroad, asking him to figure out how to use it in the shortest time, and specifically instructing "this machine is worth hundreds of thousands of yuan, and no one is allowed to touch it except you."

Lou Jianmin felt the heavy responsibility on his shoulders. Faced with the instruction manual in English, he consulted the college students in the team while translating word by word. Eventually, after assiduous research, he quickly understood the most advanced measuring instruments at the time.

"The previous technology and equipment were not as good as the current one. Only four or five people can cooperate to carry out the measurement operation, which is very inefficient." Lou Jianmin recalled. In order to apply what he has learned to the construction site, he just bought a Casio calculator and learned to write calculation programs in his spare time, which greatly improved the efficiency of calculation work.

During the day, he ran the construction site and set up the instruments, and returned at night to study the drawings, specifications and instruments. The young Lou Jianmin understood that in order to do a good job in the measurement work, he must be familiar with new measurement techniques and instruments on a solid theoretical basis. To this end, he does not miss any opportunity to learn.

In 2000, Lou Jianmin actively signed up for the training of Shijiazhuang Railway Engineering School. In 3 months, he systematically mastered the relevant knowledge from control measurement to construction measurement, and learned to write the Casio 4800 calculator measurement program. In 2007, in order to master the CPIII measurement technology of railway ballastless track, Lou Jianmin actively participated in the training of ballastless track measurement of the Wuhan-Guangzhou section of the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway. After one cycle, he quickly mastered the measurement method and fine-tuning technology of ballastless track CPIII. In five years, the young Lou Jianmin quickly grew into a "general" in the field of surveying.

Solve the tunnel problem to be a technical "leader"

As the "pioneer" of construction, surveyors are responsible for removing obstacles and navigating the direction of construction, and the work cannot be bad or almost impossible.

In 2010, Lou Jianmin served as Deputy Chief Engineer and Survey Supervisor of Ganlong Railway GL-4 Project Department. At that time, the geological conditions of the longest Meihuashan tunnel on the whole line were very complex, and it was a key and difficult control project on the whole line, and the control measurement required very high precision.

For the first time as the railway project survey supervisor, Lou Jianmin prepared 3 months in advance, led the project survey team, carefully analyzed and studied, combined with past experience, and through continuous practice, summed up the effective control and survey methods for long tunnels, which not only satisfied the long-term requirements The requirements for the penetration accuracy of large tunnels also lay the foundation for the next step of CPII and CPIII measurements in the tunnel.

At that time, the ballastless track of Meihuashan Tunnel was the first project of the whole line. "Only after the evaluation of our first project is completed, the whole line of ballastless tracks can be constructed." Lou Jianmin recalled. That was his first contact with the ballastless track fine-tuning trolley. After familiarizing himself with the basic operation according to the technical data provided by the manufacturer, he checked the data again and again, but he was still worried. So he took a technician and a surveyor to the Guizhou-Guangzhou Railway and studied with the factory staff for two nights. In the end, under the leadership of Lou Jianmin, the survey team successfully completed the construction of the first piece of ballastless track project on the Ganlong Railway, and passed the inspection and acceptance of the original Ministry of Railways at one time.

In 2019, Lou Jianmin still remembers the experience of leading the team alone in charge of the CPIII measurement of the ballastless track of the Weishan Tunnel of the Haoji Railway. With a total length of 22.77 kilometers, the Liaoshan Tunnel is the longest, first-class high-risk double-hole single-lane tunnel. Affected by the natural environment, the water mist forms a cloud in the tunnel, the visibility is less than 50 meters, and the visibility conditions are very poor, making it impossible to measure . For more than half a month, the headquarters has repeatedly invited measurement experts from the Design Institute to conduct on-site investigations to find a way, but it is still unable to meet the measurement requirements.

As the person in charge of the measurement work, Lou Jianmin calmed down and analyzed it. The reason for the inability to measure is that the sight line is not good. What if the environment inside the cave is improved? With this question in mind, Lou Jianmin repeatedly observed in the cave. Finally, sitting in the car once, he found that when the car moved, it could drive the water mist in the cave, and there would be a short "visible" period of time. Therefore, Lou Jianmin proposed to install a ventilator in the tunnel, block the horizontal passage, use a large transport vehicle to walk in the cave to drive water mist, and then conduct segmental measurements to ensure that the influence of temperature and humidity in the cave is minimized.

According to this concept, every night, after the construction workers in the cave have finished work, Lou Jianmin will lead the surveyors to enter the cave to measure, and will come out at four or five in the morning the next day. After several days of testing day and night, they finally completed the measurement task successfully. This plan has also been fully recognized by the measurement experts of the Design Institute.

Cultivating both pain and pleasure, no complaints and no regrets

Prisms, tower rulers, total stations, railways, tunnels, viaducts... Since joining Lou Jianmin's hands, the measurement tools in his hands have been iteratively upgraded, and he himself has grown from a former surveyor to today's technical expert, completing 11 projects with high quality It has trained more than 20 outstanding measurement talents for the enterprise. Along the way, there are many highlights, but more of them are hardships and loneliness that are unimaginable for ordinary people.

Every time they carry out an operation, they have to take a measuring instrument weighing more than 10 kilograms to climb the slope and enter the site for reconnaissance; where the car can't get in, they walk on foot with dry food and water on their backs; Will wear out a pair. In 2015, in order to re-test a post-disaster reconstruction project in Yunnan, Lou Jianmin led the team on the Longchong ditch with a vertical distance of 450 meters and a maximum height difference of 98 meters. The work steps were excavated one by one.

Fields, barren mountains, mud, thorns, mosquitoes... Year-round field work has sacrificed a lot of time with my family. Lou Jianmin calculated that he could go home twice a year at most, adding up to less than a month. In June 2019, Lou Jianmin missed the college entrance examination with his children because he had to complete the measurement of the ballastless track of the Weishan Tunnel of the Haoji Railway. When the measurement work was over, when I got home, my child was about to start school.

Faced with complicated and boring data every day, Lou Jianmin can also find joy in it. On the mountain, everyone sits together and eats steamed buns and pickles, but Lou Jianmin jokes that this is the most popular picnic nowadays. Occasionally, he didn't come back from construction until the early morning, and he would make noodles and boil poached eggs for the big guys. He loves to cook and enjoys it.

The happiest thing is to see the sweat turned into a set of precise numbers and a perfect measurement report. As the team leader, Lou Jianmin devoted himself to every link of each project, from site survey, plan preparation, field work, data processing, result reporting, to final data sorting and archiving. "The measurement work runs through the entire construction process, and 'missing an inch is a thousand miles away'. The measurement work should not delay the construction progress, nor should the construction be reworked due to inaccurate measurement data." Lou Jianmin said.

Lou Jianmin has never forgotten an afternoon in June 1998. At that time, I received a notice to go to the Nei-Kunming Railway. The scene was in Zhongshui Town, Weining County, Zhaotong. Lou Jianmin and his team took the train for two days and two nights to reach Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province. water town. The next day, just after dawn, they walked for more than two hours with the dry food for the day before arriving at the construction site.

The measurement work has finally begun. A local old man in his 70s asked them what they were doing. When he learned that they built railways, the uncle was very excited and said that he had never seen a train in his life. Lou Jianmin said, "Master, isn't that our railway builders already here? You can take the train to Beijing right away." Hearing this, the master laughed and hurriedly brought potatoes from home for them to burn with fire. "That potato is really fragrant. It's the best delicacy I've ever eaten." Lou Jianmin recalled.

From that time on, Lou Jianmin understood the meaning of this job. He knew that, as a railway surveyor, wherever he went, the railway would extend. The land he has measured and the data he has calculated will be transformed into a crawling steel dragon in the near future. Editor / Xu Shengpeng