CSCEC depicts a world legend with strength

Seetao 2022-05-16 15:53
  • CSCEC has gradually become synonymous with the world's top construction level
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From the construction of one poor and two white, and the blue thread on the road, to the speed of Shenzhen in the reform tide, to the construction of the Huoshenshan Hospital in 10 days and the Leishenshan Hospital in 12 days during the epidemic in Wuhan. CSCEC has become the vanguard of China's infrastructure industry, building more than half of the world's super high-rises above 500 meters, and 90% of the domestic super high-rises above 300 meters. While expanding the space for happiness, CSCEC has created a series of Chinese construction business cards.

In fact, in addition to towering skyscrapers, CSCEC has built more than 7,000 projects in more than 100 countries and regions, and invested in the construction of 3/4 of domestic key airports, 3/4 of satellite launch bases, and 1/3 of urban comprehensive management. Corridor, 1/2 nuclear power plant.Editor/Ma Xue