Chinese enterprises contribute to the development of Egypt's electric power!

Seetao 2022-05-16 17:33
  • The Exadia 500 kV Substation Project undertaken by a Chinese company provides reliable power supply support for the local area
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Located in the vast desert on the coast of the Red Sea in Egypt's Suez Province, the Exadia 500 kV substation project undertaken by a Chinese company has begun to take shape. The Chinese and Egyptian builders are currently installing and debugging the final stage of the equipment. Ensure that the project is put into production on schedule.

A corner of the Exadia 500 kV substation project

"According to Egypt's development plan, the Suez Canal development axis in the region will be built into the largest trade center in the Middle East and Africa. In the future, a large number of factories and enterprises will have more demand for electricity. At the same time, Egypt's new administrative capital The massive infrastructure construction in China has also brought severe challenges to the regional power supply." Ma Chi, the project contractor and deputy general manager of the Middle East and North Africa Regional Center of Xi'an Xidian International Engineering Co., Ltd., said that the Exadia project includes the main power transmission in Egypt. All voltage levels of the network are connected to the Ain Sokhnai Power Plant, the new administrative capital, as well as important industrial users in the region and surrounding towns through transmission lines of different voltage levels. The overall power grid structure improves the operation safety and reliability of the power supply network, and has become an important part of the backbone network of Egypt's national power grid, and also provides reliable power supply support for local economic and social development.

Chinese and Egyptian builders inspect equipment inside the Exadia project

It is worth mentioning that the 14 transformers, 57 interval GIS and outdoor equipment included in the primary equipment of the substation all adopt Chinese technology, and the equipment used in some projects has also been produced locally in Egypt. In 2009, China XD Group and EGEMAC Company, a subsidiary of the Egyptian Ministry of Electric Power, jointly established XD-EGEMAC High Voltage Electric Co., Ltd. (XD-EGEMAC) to produce high-voltage switches, power transformers and other power transmission and transformation equipment, mainly for the Middle East and North Africa regional market. According to reports, up to now, Xidian International and Xidian-EGEMAC have undertaken more than 30 substation projects ranging from 66 kV to 500 kV in Egypt, providing transformers, reactors, switches, arresters and other power transmission and transformation equipment for dozens of substations. , which greatly improved the production capacity of local electrical equipment in Egypt, and also made Egypt the first country in the Middle East and North Africa to manufacture 500 kV ultra-high voltage power transformers.

Mohamed Issa, manager of the Egyptian procurement department of Xidian-EGEMAC, said, "Egypt is entering a stage of rapid development and has high demand for electricity. In the past, transformers and switchgear required for substation construction were purchased from abroad. Now our company can The production is not only of good quality, but also of competitive price.”

Egyptian workers work on the Western Electric-EGEMAC production line

The continuous expansion of Chinese enterprises in Egypt also brings career development opportunities for local employees. "I have learned professional skills from China, and my work ability has been greatly improved. I am very proud to work here." Ahmed, an employee of Xidian-EGEMAC, joined the company in 2012 and went to China to participate in the company's arrangement. Technical training to learn the various procedures of transformer assembly. In the past ten years, he has grown from a front-line operator to a skilled team leader in the final assembly process of the transformer workshop, and has also witnessed the continuous development and growth of the transformer workshop in Egypt.

For the future, Ahmed is full of expectations: "My greatest wish is that with the help of my Chinese colleagues, we can locally produce various types of transformers in Egypt as soon as possible. In the future, we can not only meet the domestic needs of Egypt, but also radiate the surrounding area. The country's larger market allows my work to create more value." Editor / Zhao E