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Namibia railway rehabilitation project kicks off construction boom

Seetao 2022-05-17 11:04
  • Completed the laying of 3.13km new track on the main line within 5 days, accounting for 54.6% of the planned monthly output value
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From May 11 to 15, 2022, the Namibia Railway Rehabilitation Project undertaken by China Energy Construction Gezhouba Group completed the installation and laying of 3.13km of new track on the main line, the laying of 3.8km ballast and the whole track during the 5-day full-time skylight period. The construction, stress relief of the 3.24km new track, and the hoisting of the steel truss girder of the Swakopmund Bridge, completed the output value of about 12.42 million yuan, accounting for 54.6% of the monthly output value plan, setting off a new climax of labor competition construction.

After 3 days of hard work day and night, at 17:00 on May 13th, with the 500-ton crane on site accurately placing the steel truss girder of the last span, marking the complete success of the demolition and hoisting of the steel structure of the Swakopmund Bridge, Namibia The railway restoration project successfully realized the key node of bridge construction.

Demolition and hoisting of old bridge steel structures

Successful hoisting of steel truss girder of Swakopmund Bridge

The Swakopmund Bridge is the only bridge under construction on the entire line of the Namibia Railway Restoration Project, and it is the key control project of the project. According to the construction requirements, the bridge needs to build a new pier in the main river channel, and replace the upper structure with a 26+26+26m three-span simply supported steel truss girder in two 5-day full-time skylight periods respectively. Install new tracks and open lines to resume train operations after construction is complete. The steel truss of the new bridge is N-shaped, with a width of 5.25m and a single-span weight of 64.7t. The height of the bridge hoisting platform from the bottom of the steel beam is 8.1m, and the distance between the upstream municipal water supply pipeline and the existing structure is 17.91m.

How to ensure that the replacement of the steel structure and the restoration of the line on time within the skylight period, and how to strengthen the protection of the existing bridge substructure and water supply pipelines are the key difficulties in construction control. Faced with the huge challenges of tight construction schedule, heavy tasks, long lines, large management span, difficult construction coordination, and high requirements for project quality and environmental protection, the project department is oriented to promote high-quality development of projects and aims to achieve annual production and operation tasks. Implemented the labor competition activity plan of “Contribute to Gezhouba, Forge a New Journey”, seized the favorable opportunity of the full-time skylight period, planned and scientifically formulated the construction plan and progress plan in advance, strengthened the on-site construction organization and management, and successfully completed the skylight period. Construction tasks.

"In this full-time skylight construction, 25 sets of large-scale equipment were put into the site, and the construction workers exceeded 360 people. The laying speed of the new railway track on the main line of the project is up to 864m/day, and the daily construction progress speed has reached a record high. The competition is held on the construction site, creating a "six-to-one creation" competition atmosphere in the project, racing against time, grabbing the construction period, allowing the labor competition to bear fruit on the construction site, and making every effort to build a high-quality railway project in southern Africa." Deputy Production Manager of the Project Department Guo Yingbin said.

As of May 15, the project department has completed the repair and upgrade of the main line of the A1S1 lot, 8.5km of the main line of the A1S2 lot, and the key nodes of the Swakopmund bridge construction. A total of 63.03km of the main line has been upgraded and the A1S1 lot has been completed. The preliminary acceptance of the section is about 8km. At present, the project is speeding up the construction of the repair and upgrading project of the main line of the A1S2 section, and at the same time actively carrying out the acceptance and elimination of the completed road section of the A1S1 section to ensure that the project will perform as scheduled. Editor/He Yuting