New Fuxing high-speed rail rendezvous speed record

Seetao 2022-05-17 14:38
  • This record heralds a new step in China's high-speed rail technology
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In the Puyang-Zhengzhou section of the Ji-Zheng high-speed railway, the new Fuxing high-speed comprehensive inspection train independently developed by China performed a high-speed meeting. 's world record. A few days before this world record was set, the train successfully achieved a single-train speed of 403 kilometers per hour and a relative intersection speed of 806 kilometers per hour in the Zhengyu High-speed Railway from Badong to Wanzhou, creating a world record for the speed of high-speed EMU trains in tunnels. record.

set a new world record

The rendezvous is only 0.86 seconds! The car passed before he could react. 34-year-old Cao Ganwei has been very busy recently, and he hardly even took a break during the "May 1st" short holiday. As a high-speed rail driver in the Zhengzhou Locomotive Depot of China Railway Zhengzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd., he has driven the comprehensive inspection train on the high-speed railway for many times, accumulating relevant test data and driving experience.

More than ten days ago, it was he who drove the new Fuxing high-speed comprehensive inspection train 55368 independently developed by China, and the 55319 Fuxing intelligent EMU train driven by his colleague Zhao Yang staged a "high-speed meeting", creating two open lines. The EMU set a world record of 870 kilometers per hour relative to the rendezvous, and also set a maximum speed of 435 kilometers per hour for the comprehensive inspection train since the joint commissioning and testing of the Ji-Zheng high-speed railway. "The rendezvous time is only 0.86 seconds. To be honest, the car passed before I could react. The speed was too fast." Cao Ganwei was still very excited when he recalled the rendezvous scene that day. At 12:30 on April 21, the first rendezvous test was started as the test commander issued the starting order. The two EMUs set off from both ends of the test section at the same time and headed for the intersection. 200km/h, 250km/h, 300km/h, 350km/h, 400km/h, 430km/h trains speed up step by step and run smoothly. At 12:53, the two EMUs successfully met, setting a new world record. Applause and cheers erupted in the carriage. At 13:31, after parking and changing ends, the two EMUs successfully completed the second rendezvous test at a speed of more than 430 kilometers per hour.

Because they had never driven such a high speed before, and it was windy that day, both Cao Ganwei and Zhao Yang felt a slightly larger sway than the normal high-speed trains when the trains crossed, but they were not worried about the safety of the trains. . Because in their minds, both the new Fuxing high-speed comprehensive inspection train and the Fuxing intelligent EMU train are the most advanced and capable of breaking records. As we all know, the Fuxing intelligent EMU not only has a more prominent and streamlined design, but is also connected to the Beidou navigation system independently developed by China. Control and other functions can realize automatic driving at a speed of 350 kilometers per hour, which is praised by many netizens as the light of ingenious design and domestic products. The new Fuxing high-speed comprehensive inspection train used in this test was developed based on the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway intelligent EMU. This means that this train is more advanced than the intelligent EMU.

According to the person in charge of the Science and Information Department of China National Railway Group, the new Fuxing high-speed comprehensive inspection train adopts 9 new technologies independently developed by China, including eddy current braking, carbon-ceramic brake disc, permanent magnet traction system, and active control pantograph. It consists of 4 EMUs and 4 trailers, which enhances the safety, reliability, efficiency and economy of EMU trains. The overall performance has reached the world's leading level, filling a number of domestic technical gaps. Cao Ganwei said: "I am proud of China's high-speed rail. As railway people, we have caught up with the best era. Scientific researchers have designed and manufactured the most advanced Fuxing EMU. Only with good cars can we run the world speed."

Exploring the changing law of parameters of intelligent EMUs

Relevant experts said that under normal circumstances, the main purpose of doing the train rendezvous test is to study the change law of the air pressure of the EMU in the high-speed rendezvous, as well as the impact on the safety and stability of the train, so as to develop higher speed and more stability for the next step. Safe and more comfortable EMU trains provide an important theoretical basis. At present, China has formed the Fuxing series EMUs with speeds ranging from 160 kilometers per hour to 350 kilometers per hour, which can adapt to different environments in the alpine area of minus 40 degrees Celsius and the plateau area with an altitude of 5,100 meters, realizing the full coverage of Fuxing in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. The operating speed of 350 kilometers per hour is already the highest operating speed in the world.

According to the China Railway Group, the launch of the new Fuxing high-speed comprehensive inspection train marks the full launch of the "CR450 Science and Technology Innovation Project" included in the national "14th Five-Year Plan", which will provide the most important technical support and guidance for the development of the CR450 EMU. . What is a CR450? According to China's high-speed railway naming rules, CR is the abbreviation of China Railway, that is, China Railway, and the number behind it represents the speed rating. Among the existing Fuxing EMU trains in China, CR400 refers to the speed of 350 kilometers per hour, CR300 refers to the speed of 250 kilometers per hour, and CR200 refers to the speed of 160 kilometers per hour. It is not difficult to see from this that the CR450 represents a speed of 400 kilometers per hour.

In fact, starting from 2021, the National Railway Group has organized and implemented the "CR450 Technology Innovation Project", aiming to develop a new generation of higher-speed, safer, more environmentally friendly, more energy-saving and smarter Fuxing EMU new products. Let China's high-speed rail achieve higher commercial operation speed and continue to consolidate the leading advantage of China's high-speed rail. The new Fuxing high-speed comprehensive inspection train, which has set a world record this time, participated in the preliminary test of the development of the CR450 EMU as a new technology verification platform for the high-speed EMU. After the train rolled off the production line at CRRC Changke Co., Ltd. in December 2021, it has completed many scientific research experiments on the Beijing Circular Railway Test Line, the Ji-Zheng High-speed Railway, and the Zheng-Yu High-speed Railway. Since April 2021 alone, the new Fuxing high-speed comprehensive inspection train has carried out dynamics, aerodynamics, resistance, noise, etc. More than 60 scientific experiments have been carried out, and the relevant indicators have performed well, exploring the changing laws of safety and comfort parameters related to the increase of train speed.

This verifies the performance of new technologies and equipment, explores the boundary conditions for EMU operation under higher speed conditions, and further enriches and expands the basic theoretical research results and engineering practice experience of China's high-speed railways. The leading position of high-speed rail in the world is of great significance. At the same time, in terms of infrastructure construction such as high-speed railway foundations, full consideration has also been made for the speed increase of high-speed railways. As China's first high-speed railway with a reserved speed increase of 400 km/h, the feasibility study report on the Chengdu-Chongqing Middle Line High-speed Railway was approved in August 2021. The report shows that the design speed of the Chengdu-Chongqing Middle Line is 350 kilometers per hour, of which the Dazu Rock Carving to Jianzhou section can be further studied to determine the curve radius according to the needs of the test, and the introduction of the hub section adopts the standard suitable for the driving speed. The key control project of the first cross-sea high-speed railway in China, the Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed railway, the Meizhou Bay Sea-crossing Bridge selected 40-meter-long box girder during construction to reduce the resonance joints of the box girder joints, and also increase the speed of the high-speed trains. related considerations. It is believed that in the near future, we will be able to ride the new generation of high-speed rail CR450, which is safe, reliable, economical, comfortable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, on the vast land of the motherland.

High-speed rail doctor comprehensive physical examination

It is worth noting that during the test process of the new Fuxing high-speed comprehensive inspection train, not only the characteristic data of the EMU train operation under different working conditions, but also the characteristic data of the high-speed railway foundation, tunnels and other infrastructures were obtained. And this is also the important function of the high-speed comprehensive inspection train. The high-speed comprehensive inspection train is a kind of EMU train that comprehensively inspects the quality of EMU running lines, catenary, signals, etc. It is an important technical equipment for comprehensive inspection of railway infrastructure. It provides technical support for maintenance, etc., and is called "high-speed rail doctor" and "physical examination train". Because most high-speed comprehensive inspection trains have a bright yellow color, they are affectionately called "Dr. Huang" by netizens.

As of the end of June 2021, China's high-speed rail has operated 9.28 billion kilometers safely, equivalent to circling the earth 232,000 times, safely transporting 14.12 billion passengers, making it the safest high-speed rail in the world. And in the middle, the credit of Dr. Huang is indispensable. Like many benevolent and benevolent doctors, Dr. Huang has a very professional knowledge reserve. The train-specific network, positioning synchronization, environmental video information collection and processing, multimedia display and comprehensive data processing systems can realize information integration, Shared and Synthesized Analysis. With a very dedicated working attitude, they have been flying on the ten thousand-mile railway line of the motherland all the year round.

According to reports, before each high-speed railway in China is officially put into operation, relevant testing equipment will be used to conduct joint debugging and joint testing for a period of time. The problems and defects found are adjusted and optimized until the entire high-speed rail line and each system meet the requirements of high-speed operation and dynamic acceptance. High-speed comprehensive inspection train is one of the indispensable inspection equipment. Take the Mujia high-speed railway, the easternmost high-speed railway in China, as an example. In the joint debugging and joint testing before the trial operation of this line, a total of 294 test trains of various types such as comprehensive inspection trains and EMUs have been launched successively, with a total inspection mileage of 96,789 kilometers.

The Puyang-Zhengzhou section of the Ji-Zheng high-speed railway, which has set a world record for the new Fuxing high-speed comprehensive inspection train, has officially entered the trial operation stage with a design speed of 350 kilometers per hour. In February 2022, the CRH380AM-0204 comprehensive inspection train has run out of the test maximum speed of 385 kilometers per hour according to the requirements of the joint debugging and joint test program, reaching 110% of the line design speed. The new Fuxing high-speed comprehensive inspection train ran at a speed of 435 kilometers per hour, setting the highest speed of the Jizheng-Zheng high-speed comprehensive inspection train, providing the most important support and guarantee for the construction of the 350-kilometer-per-hour safety standard demonstration line. At the same time, the Zhengyu high-speed railway will also usher in an important moment for the entire line to open to traffic.

After the official opening of China's high-speed railways, high-speed comprehensive inspection trains will be run every few days. High-tech equipment and means are used to inspect and evaluate the running quality of the trains and the status of the infrastructure. Physical examination to ensure the safe operation of the train.Editor/XingWentao