Yang Yongxiu adheres to the 0.015mm accuracy of the engine

Seetao 2022-05-17 16:58
  • Ensuring that the accuracy of the engine cylinder bore is within 0.015 mm is the standard that Yang Yongxiu has always adhered to
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In 2018, Hongqi Sedan released a new brand strategy, which requires drastic reforms. As a leader of young high-skilled talents, Yang Yongxiu leads the CNC machining of high-end engines, gearboxes, chassis and other core precision components independently developed by the Hongqi brand. While watching the live broadcast of the 2019 National Day military parade, Yang Yongxiu and his partners were excited when the red flag review car appeared on the screen. What makes him proud is the wisdom and sweat of him and the CNC team.

In recent years, Yang Yongxiu has participated in and completed more than 30 national and group-level key projects such as Hongqi V8, V6, 4GB, 4GC engines, 6MT, and DCT350 gearboxes. In these key projects, Yang Yongxiu took advantage of professional technology to overcome more than 130 technical problems, saving and creating value of more than 12 million yuan.Editor/Ma Xue