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The first XCMG special train in Jiangsu was successfully dispatched

Seetao 2022-05-19 15:32
  • Xuzhou China-Europe trains can reach more than 50 cities in 19 countries, with more than 400 trains running annually
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On May 17, 2022, under the supervision of Xuzhou Customs, a subsidiary of Nanjing Customs, a Xuzhou-China-Europe Railway Express XCMG special train loaded with construction machinery such as XCMG excavators, road rollers, and milling machines with a value of about 4.2 million US dollars departed from Horgos. After exiting the border port smoothly, they will arrive in Uzbekistan, Central Asia, the destination of this trip in about 4 days. This is the first "Railway Express Customs Clearance" China-Europe train successfully delivered in Jiangsu. It is understood that the special "railway express customs clearance" train departed from Tongshan Station of Xuzhou Freight Center of China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd. on May 13, and the whole transportation time is about 8 days.

According to reports, since 2022, Xuzhou China-Europe Railway Express has made every effort to fight the epidemic, ensure smooth flow and stabilize foreign trade, continue to improve the operation and service level of Xuzhou China-Europe Railway Express, continue to explore new models, and strive to help import and export enterprises solve export channel problems and protect key enterprises. Import and export demand to ensure the smooth circulation of the industrial chain and supply chain.

After the Xuzhou China-Europe Railway Express successfully issued the first "railway express customs clearance" goods in late April 2022, the "railway express customs clearance" mode was further explored, improved and rapidly promoted and applied. In view of the complicated situation of multiple tickets in one box and one ticket for multiple boxes in this column of goods, we explored and solved the procedures for merging manifests, and finally successfully organized the customs broker to declare and release. Under the "Railway Express Customs Clearance" mode, the person in charge of the inbound and outbound railway trains transmits the electronic data of the railway manifest to the customs in accordance with regulations, without the need to declare and go through customs transfer procedures, which improves the efficiency of customs clearance at railway ports and promotes the speed and efficiency of China-Europe trains. .

Zhang Zunbin of Xuzhou Customs Inspection Section, which is affiliated to Nanjing Customs, said: "We vigorously develop the train + enterprise model to ensure the mutual promotion and mutual benefit of train operation and enterprise development. Pay attention to local leading enterprises, upstream and downstream of major investment projects, production, supply and marketing needs, and use the China-Europe train. The logistics convenience brought by the normalized operation supports the in-depth cooperation between the train operating company and XCMG, and supports the customized XCMG special train for rapid customs clearance." A virtual security team was established to attract operating companies and railway personnel into the team to give full play to information sharing and cooperation. Advantages, from the policy guidance before the shipment of the goods, to the convenient customs clearance after the goods enter the site, and even to the final departure of the goods from the port customs, the team has special personnel to pay attention to guarantee.

The smooth delivery of the "Railway Express Customs Clearance" special train is another measure of the Xuzhou China-Europe freight train to expand its new model, providing more mode options for customs clearance of foreign trade goods, and will further build the service advantages of Xuzhou China-Europe freight trains and promote Xuzhou China-Europe freight trains. Columns will be launched incrementally to play a better role in the construction of the Belt and Road.

Meng Xinyu, head of the operation department of China-Europe freight trains in Xuzhou Huaihai International Port Area, said that there are more than a dozen key cooperative enterprises that have signed contracts, and there is an urgent practical need to improve customs clearance efficiency and save customs clearance costs. Next, Xuzhou China-Europe Railway Express will further increase the promotion and application of "Railway Express Customs Clearance", explore more facilitation measures, innovate more operation modes, and provide more efficient, convenient and high-quality services for international train customers. Editor/He Yuting