Zhangzhou High-tech Zone Nanhu Shuangchuang Industrial Park project won the bid

Seetao 2022-05-20 15:09
  • The total planned area of ​​the project is about 13.1 square kilometers, with a total investment of about 54.5 billion yuan
  • The project aims to build a low-carbon and healthy 2+1 industrial system according to the two-wheel drive development path
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On May 18, 2022, I learned from the Zhangzhou Public Resource Trading Center Network that the bid-winning candidates for the integration of equity investment + engineering general contracting in the Nanhu "Double Creation" Industrial Park Project in Zhangzhou High-tech Zone were announced. The project was led by Zhangzhou Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. A consortium of 25 companies won the bid, with a total investment of about 54.5 billion yuan.

Project Overview

The project is located in Zhangzhou High-tech Zone. The planned scope of Nanhu "Double Creation" Industrial Park extends to Nanjiangbin Road in the north, Nanhuancheng Road in the south, Jiulong Avenue in the east, Xihuancheng Road in the west, and Narcissus Base. The total planned area is about 13.1 square kilometers, in accordance with the general requirements of "building an ecological city, gathering people with the city, promoting innovation with people, and revitalizing the city with industry", adhere to the two-wheel-driven development path of "ecological carbon asset management + life and health management", and build a zero- A "2+1" industrial system with carbon industry and health management as the support, digital technology carbon reduction as the auxiliary, and low-carbon healthy life as the background, is committed to building Nanhu into a carbon asset management center and a high-end characteristic medical institution facing the whole province. Gathering area, cross-strait medical and medical cooperation demonstration area, Chinese medicine international cooperation innovation center, planning and construction of zero-carbon science and technology park, international medical city, zero-carbon community, etc. The investment and construction content of this tender includes the tenderers or projects in the park. The company invests in self-supported industrial projects, including but not limited to industrial delivery houses, resettlement houses, medical and health care houses, vocational schools, talent security houses, information projects, etc., and supporting infrastructure projects, including but not limited to park municipal roads and pipeline networks , transit roads, water supply and drainage facilities, sewage treatment plants, parking lots, solid waste treatment facilities, supporting schools, etc. Ecological environment improvement projects include but are not limited to inland river environmental treatment projects, water system reconstruction projects, water body renovation projects, and garden landscape projects Wait.

The total investment of this project is about 54.5 billion yuan, of which about 26.5 billion yuan is invested in construction and installation, about 2 billion yuan is invested in equipment, and 26 billion yuan is invested in other engineering construction. Among the projects to be implemented in the past three years, about 4 billion yuan will be invested in construction and installation of industrial projects. The construction and installation investment of infrastructure projects is about 5.5 billion yuan, the road length is about 42.5km, and the ecological environment improvement project is about 750 million yuan. Key words: engineering construction information, engineering news, engineering construction

Bidding Information

This project is led by Zhangzhou Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Fujian Henganda Construction Development Co., Ltd., Fujian Tongbang Transportation Construction Co., Ltd., Beijing Dongfang Zhuzhong Construction Planning and Design Co., Ltd., Sichuan Southwest Jiaotong University Civil Engineering Design Co., Ltd., Zhangzhou Tongzheng Survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd., Zhangzhou Water Resources and Hydropower Survey and Design Co., Ltd., Zhangzhou Environment Group Co., Ltd., Fujian Urban Investment Ecological Environment Co., Ltd., Zhangzhou Urban Investment Municipal Group Co., Ltd., Zhangzhou Urban Operation Group Co., Ltd., Zhangzhou Urban Investment Design Consulting Group Co., Ltd., Zhangzhou Urban Planning and Design Research Institute Co., Ltd., China Water Resources and Hydropower Tenth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., China Power Construction Road and Bridge Group Co., Ltd., China Power Construction Road and Bridge Zhangzhou Construction Development Co., Ltd., China Construction First Bureau Co., Ltd., China Railway Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Construction Urban Development Co., Ltd., Zhangzhou Tiefa Real Estate Co., Ltd., China Chemical Engineering Seventh Construction Co., Ltd., China Railway 15th Bureau Group Co., Ltd., MCC Fujian Investment Construction Co., Ltd., Zhongyuan (Xiamen) Engineering Design The consortium formed by Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Zhangzhou Zhanglong Venture Capital Fund Management Co., Ltd. won the bid. Editor / Zhao E