Jilin Changtai Expressway resumes work and production

Seetao 2022-05-23 13:53
  • The project has a total length of 164.203 kilometers and a design speed of 120 kilometers per hour
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On May 21, 2022, at the pavement construction site of the Changling section of the China Railway Construction Bridge Director (Chun) to Tai (Pingchuan) Expressway Project, there is a scene of construction in full swing, with water stabilized material transport vehicles coming and going Shuttle, the paver is moving forward steadily, and the road roller is following up in an orderly manner... The paving operation of the Changtai Expressway project has been fully rolled out, which marks that the project has entered an important stage of construction transition, and has entered the fast-forward mode of resumption of work and production.

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The Changchun-Taipingchuan Expressway is jointly invested and constructed by China Railway Construction Corporation and the Changling County Government. China Railway Construction Investment took the lead and formed a consortium with the China Railway Construction Bridge Bureau and the Fifth Railway Research Institute as the social capital side, and the Changling County Government as the government side. This is the first PPP expressway in Jilin Province jointly constructed by the two parties, and it is also an important trunk line crossing the central and western regions of Jilin Province.

Paving construction of pavement water stabilization is the key process of the Changtai Expressway project during the year, with tight time and heavy tasks. In order to successfully complete the construction node tasks, the first company, the fourth company (the southern company), and the sixth company carefully organized, coordinated, and fought day and night in the construction plan, resource allocation, technical disclosure, and material guarantee. Up to now, a total of 18.65 kilometers of roadbed has been delivered in Songyuan for the civil construction tender section. The 4 water stabilization stations in 2 tender sections of the pavement were operated synchronously, and 4 entry points were selected to carry out the pavement water stabilization paving construction in an all-round way, laying a solid foundation for the next pavement asphalt paving project.

The Changtai Expressway project makes full use of the current golden period of construction, and rushes to pave the channel for construction. A project resumption and production promotion supervision leading group was established, the supervisor in charge was in command, and the three supervision groups guaranteed the 12 subordinate work areas respectively. A scheduling meeting was held every two days to find and solve problems in a timely manner. Relying on the smart construction site system, strengthen project safety and quality management, and solidly promote rapid construction and production. The site insisted on 24-hour uninterrupted construction, with people on and off machines, working overtime, and working in shifts, so as to make every effort to recover the construction tasks that were delayed due to the epidemic. At the same time, the project department and the construction area have set up a special class for expropriation and demolition to strengthen staffing, work closely with local governments along the route, and take the initiative to jointly overcome the problem of expropriation and demolition, and escort the smooth progress of construction and production.

Resumption of work and production

According to the arrangement of epidemic prevention and control, the construction of the Changtai Expressway project will be suspended from March to the end of April. Since the resumption of work and production, the Changtai Expressway project has scientifically formulated the construction plan, strictly in accordance with the construction concept of "progressing from the road surface to the subgrade to the pile foundation, taking the road surface construction as the leader, and pushing from the top to the bottom", carefully organized, highlighted the key points, and implemented The group leads, the model is first, the second hanging is consolidated, and the construction is orderly.

In the process of resumption of work and production, the project communicated and learned the relevant requirements of the Jilin Provincial Department of Communications in a timely manner, and implemented them one by one according to the resumption plan of the Provincial Department of Communications; Held in the form of video to strengthen business training; strengthen communication with governments at all levels and owners along the route, keep abreast of epidemic control trends, strive to solve the problem of expropriation and demolition, and prepare for resumption of work at any time; prepare materials and materials, and the ground materials have been completed. 3 million square meters of materials are prepared, which fully meets the on-site construction; a plan for resumption of work and production is formulated to promote the resumption of work and production of the project in an orderly manner.

"According to the resumption plan of the Provincial Department of Communications, as of now, all construction sites in the Changling section of the Changtai Expressway project have resumed production and production. More than 2,000 construction workers and 528 sets of machinery and equipment have been entered across the line. All construction sites are in progress, and it is planned to deliver 50 kilometers of roadbed before the end of July, and strive to complete 80 kilometers of asphalt pavement construction throughout the year, and resolutely complete the task indicators issued by the Provincial Department of Communications." China Railway Construction Bridge Bureau Deputy Chief Economist and Changtai Expressway Project Commander Zhang Wenjun said loudly.

Changchun-Taiwan Expressway starts from Changchun City, Jilin Province, and ends at Taipingchuan Town, Changling County, Songyuan. The whole line passes through the world-famous golden corn belt, China's large-scale commercial grain and oilseed base, and radiates Tongliao City in eastern Inner Mongolia, Xing'an League, etc. Several banner counties are planned to be completed and opened to traffic in November 2023. After the project is completed and opened to traffic, it will directly drive the rapid economic development of Changchun and Songyuan regions, which is of great significance to facilitate the travel of the people in the region and boost the economic improvement of the surrounding regions. Editor/He Yuting