China, Tunisia to cooperate in energy sector

Seetao 2022-05-24 13:59
  • Tunisian government plans to achieve 30% renewable energy utilization by 2030
  • Power China, Sinoma Energy Conservation and other companies have expressed their investment intentions
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In order to enhance the understanding of Chinese and Tunisian companies on green energy cooperation opportunities, green infrastructure development plans, and green industry cooperation directions, and to further promote deeper and higher-level cooperation in the field of green development, the Chinese Ambassador to Tunisia recently Under the guidance of the pavilion, the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products and the Tunisian Foreign Investment Promotion Agency jointly hosted the China-Tunisia Green Development Forum online, and the guests at the meeting exchanged views on the green energy cooperation between the two countries.

China and Tunisia have always been development partners with mutual respect and win-win cooperation. Especially since the Belt and Road Initiative was put forward, under the action of China-Africa, China-Arab States Cooperation Forum and other mechanisms, China-Tunisia economic and trade cooperation has achieved leapfrog development and achieved tangible results. Zhang Yujing, President of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, said in her speech: "The Chamber of Commerce of Machinery and Electronic Products will give full play to its advantages in the industry and channels to promote the cooperation between Chinese and Tunisian enterprises in the field of green development from the following three aspects. First, with the Tunisian Foreign Investment Promotion Agency. Establish a regular communication mechanism in the field of green development and new energy and jointly provide more valuable cooperation information and first-hand business information for the member companies of the chamber of commerce, recommend suitable partners, and strengthen the interaction and pragmatic cooperation between the two companies.

The second is to give full play to the channel advantages of the Chamber of Commerce, deepen the cooperation with the Tunisian Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines, the Tunisian National Energy Administration and other relevant government departments and industry associations, jointly organize a variety of industry exchange activities, and organize timely exchanges between Chinese and Tunisian enterprises. Explore the potential of innovation and cooperation in the field of green development and explore new models of mutual benefit and win-win results. Third, actively build a professional platform for Chinese and Turkish enterprises to connect and exchange, and focus on promoting cooperation in the fields of photovoltaics, wind power, hydrogen energy, and energy digital transformation. It not only focuses on business opportunities in China and Tunisia, but also explores the cooperation potential of third-party markets, seizes new opportunities for global green development, and shares a new chapter in cooperation. Zhang Jianguo, Ambassador of the Chinese Embassy in Tunisia, said in his speech that Tunisia is an important partner of China in West Asia and North Africa.

At present, green development and circular economy have become new areas of cooperation between China and Tunisia. It is hoped that government departments and business representatives of the two countries will use this meeting as a platform to seize the new opportunities of China-Tunisia green energy cooperation and industrial cooperation, and make green a bright background for China and Tunisia to jointly build the Belt and Road Initiative. Contribute to the sustainable development. Tunisia has a unique geographical location, has the advantage of connecting Europe and Africa, and has abundant green energy such as solar energy and wind energy. Gami, director of the Tunisian Foreign Investment Promotion Agency, said in his speech that he hoped that Chinese companies could tap the huge potential for cooperation with Tunisia in related fields, especially in the field of renewable energy, and carry out investment cooperation in Tunisia.

Tunisia attaches great importance to the transformation of the energy structure, vigorously develops clean energy, and proposes the goal of realizing 30% renewable energy utilization by 2030, so as to achieve independent and sustainable energy development. Renewable energy is expected to be the focus of future cooperation between China and Tunisia. At the seminar, officials from the Tunisian Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines and the Tunisian National Energy Agency gave a detailed introduction to Tunisia's renewable energy policies, project information, preferential bidding policies, etc., which provided useful information for Chinese enterprises to explore the Tunisian renewable energy market. of reference. Representatives of POWERCHINA Overseas Investment Co., Ltd., Sinoma Energy Conservation Co., Ltd. International Engineering Branch, African Solar Energy Corporation, Goldwind International Corporation and other companies also shared their basic information, overseas business development and cooperation intentions with Tunisia.Editor/XuNing