Liaoning Province fully starts the construction of green mines

Seetao 2022-05-24 14:32
  • It is required to add 300 provincial green mines within three years by the end of 2024
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Recently, the General Office of the Liaoning Provincial Government issued the "Three-Year Action Plan for Green Mine Construction in Liaoning Province (2022-2024)", and decided to fully launch the production mines with mining licenses (hereinafter referred to as "mines") from 2022. Green mine construction. It is required that by the end of 2024, 300 provincial-level green mines will be added within three years, and 70% of the licensed production mines in Liaoning Province will meet the green mine construction requirements.

The construction of green mines in Liaoning Province will be promoted in three stages, requiring cities and counties to establish corresponding organizational leadership bodies, and finance at all levels will incorporate them into their annual financial budget plans and arrange for necessary funding guarantees. Refine tasks and measures, and clarify the annual action goals and list of mines that meet the standards. The construction of green mines is managed according to the actual conditions of the mines: the mines that meet the establishment conditions will be built into provincial green mines within the planning period, and annual target management will be implemented. Within three years, Liaoning Province will add 100 provincial-level green mines every year; those that do not meet the establishment conditions For mines, the green mine construction requirements should be met during the planning period, and annual progress management should be implemented; for green mines that have been built, the construction level of green mines should be steadily improved. 

The construction of green mines in Liaoning Province will adopt the "government-led, enterprise-led construction" model. In order to encourage and guide social capital investment, the "Plan" also proposes policy support in terms of land use for mining, finance, taxation, and finance. In terms of mining rights integration, large and medium-sized green mining enterprises are encouraged to adopt methods such as annexation, acquisition, reorganization, joint venture and collaboration to integrate surrounding small mining enterprises. To transfer mining rights through bidding, auction and listing, green mine construction should be regarded as an important scoring factor. In terms of land use, the urgently needed land for the construction of green mines by the mining enterprises in the provincial green mines can be included in the territorial space planning for support; for the green mine mining land, after the construction land formalities are handled in accordance with the law, it can be transferred, leased or leased by agreement. The rent-to-let method. It is allowed to flexibly select the land use right transfer period according to the mine production cycle and mining period.

The "Plan" is clear that green mining enterprises will reclaim and revitalize the stock industrial and mining land obtained in accordance with the law into agricultural land and pass the inspection and acceptance. Use; under the premise of meeting the planning and ecological requirements, it is allowed to use the plough land added by the reclamation of the industrial and mining abandoned land in the green mining development demonstration area for the balance of plough land occupation and compensation; apply for land use and mining rights for green mining enterprises Approval and registration to open green channels, giving policy support in finance, taxation and finance, and giving a one-time reward to enterprises that have built national or provincial green mines.

The Liaoning Provincial Government has set up a special class of “Green All Liaoning” to promote the construction of green mines in Liaoning Province as a whole, and incorporate the completion of green mine construction tasks in each city into the annual performance assessment of each municipal government. The Provincial Department of Natural Resources will form a provincial-level technical guidance and inspection working group to provide technical guidance, inspection and supervision for the construction of green mines in various cities. Editor / Xu Shengpeng