Shantui South America re-exhibits style

Seetao 2022-05-24 15:46
  • Shantui will continue to uphold the core value of customer satisfaction as our purpose, even though Shantui has gone far
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Recently, Shantui successfully held the OPENDAY event in key markets in South America, and announced that the new sales outlets were officially put into operation.

Shantui's key local users and representatives from various industries all attended the scene and expressed their congratulations. The high-standard sales outlets, spare parts warehouses, and maintenance workshops have won unanimous praise from users.

The outlet will provide users with "8-hour after-sales presence, 24-hour problem solving, and 72-hour new car delivery" services, providing customers with faster and more convenient after-sales protection.

The official operation of the service network will greatly enhance the confidence of customers in cooperation, and also marks that Shantui's coverage in South America has reached a new level.

The event site also successfully signed a number of construction machinery and equipment. As the earliest construction machinery brand in the local area, Shantui and its local employees have always been enthusiastic about public welfare and actively participated in various local sports and cultural activities, and achieved great influence in the local area!

Those who are not as ambitious as they are not intelligent, Shantui will continue to uphold the core value of "customer satisfaction is our purpose", adhere to the brand mission of "making construction easier", and build Shantui with the industry's top technology products and super-first-class services. International first-class brand of construction machinery! Editor/Xing Wentao