The accumulative investment of the Jiangji-Huaihuai project exceeds 75 billion

Seetao 2022-05-24 16:12
  • At present, the construction of the eight major hubs of the main project of diverting the Yangtze River to Huaihe River has started
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Since 2022, Anhui has established a working mechanism of "semi-monthly scheduling, monthly inspection, quarterly notification, and year-end assessment", and has made every effort to promote the construction of the main project of attracting Jiangxi to Huaihe River. As of April, an investment of 75 billion yuan has been completed in the main project of attracting Jiangxi Huaihe River, accounting for 86% of the total investment. The project will achieve the construction goal of trial water opening at the end of September and trial opening at the end of December.

Pihe Main Canal Aqueduct

The Yangtze River to Huaihe River Diversion Project is a major strategic water resource allocation project that connects the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River and benefits the two provinces of Anhui and Henan. The project focuses on urban and rural water supply and the development of Jianghuai shipping, combined with agricultural irrigation to replenish water and improve the ecological environment of Chaohu Lake and Huaihe River. After completion, the project layout of "two lines to divert the river, three lakes to adjust and store, four roads to the north, and eight hubs" will be constructed in Anhui to form a water transmission channel from the Yangtze River to the Huai River, which will effectively alleviate the shortage of water resources in the Huaihe River Basin and connect the Yangtze and Huaihe Rivers. Shipping, improving the ecological environment of Chaohu Lake and Huaihe River Basin, and promoting coordinated regional development are of great significance.

Bozhou Adjustment and Storage Reservoir

Since the construction of the main project of introducing Jiangjihuai to Huaihe River at the end of 2016, it has always paid close attention to supervision to ensure quality and safety. Establish a strict quality and safety management system, strictly implement the "four systems" of project construction, implement a life-long project quality system, establish 161 quality, capital, and safety management systems, implement more than 300 first-item approval systems, and carry out standardization construction of stations and rely on The Ministry of Water Resources "flight inspection", industry authorities, "construction laboratory", and third-party quality inspection agencies strengthen the quality control of raw materials and engineering entities. Regular and irregular special and comprehensive inspections are carried out to investigate and promote reforms, and timely eliminate hidden quality risks in the bud. The inspection results were applied to the credit evaluation systems of various industries, and 28 participating units with quality problems were punished and held accountable. Incorporate project construction into the local government's production safety management system, and consciously accept administrative supervision. "penetrating" management of construction funds, ensuring the safety of funds, and standardizing subcontracting in accordance with the law. Organized the creation of high-quality projects such as the "Luban Award", carried out 51 scientific research projects, formulated 88 excellence plans, and invested 103 million yuan in scientific and technological innovation.

Aerial view of Shushan Pumping Station Hub Project

At present, the construction of the eight major hubs of the main project of diverting the Yangtze River to the Huaihe River has all started, the Bozhou water supply project has been completed ahead of schedule for water supply, the main canal aqueduct of the Pihe River has been completed and opened to water, the inverted siphon project of the Hangbu River has passed the acceptance inspection, the Zongyang small port waterway has been successfully started, and the Zongyang control gate is underwater. The project was completed, and 46 of the 132 river-crossing bridges on the whole line have been completed (45 of them are open to traffic), especially the reconstruction of 3 railway bridges such as the Shanghai-Chengdu High-speed Railway Bridge. .

Zongyang Pumping Station under construction

While promoting the construction of the main project of diverting from Jiangxi to Huaihe River, Anhui is actively planning the second phase of the diversion project from Jiangxi to Huaihe River, which mainly includes the connection of water transmission trunk lines, urban and rural centralized water supply, connection of rivers and canals, and intelligent management systems. Editor / Xu Shengpeng