Thailand-China Rayong Industrial Park and ICBC (Thailand) signed an agreement

Seetao 2022-05-25 09:36
  • After 17 years of development, 170 Chinese enterprises have settled in the Thailand-China Rayong Industrial Park
  • ICBC (Thailand) will provide loans for new factories and other projects in the park
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On May 23, 2022, Thailand-China Rayong Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd. and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Thailand) Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Bangkok, deepening the cooperative relationship between the two parties and further strengthening the cooperation between the two parties in helping Chinese enterprises invest in Thailand. and financing synergies. Li Xiaobo, General Manager of ICBC Thailand, and Zhao Bin, President of Thailand-China Rayong Industrial Park, attended the signing ceremony and signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Tang Yongmin, Deputy General Manager of ICBC Thailand, Guo Yi, Director of China Business Center, Wang Zhonghua, President of Industrial Park Branch, Tong Bo, Vice President of Industrial Park, Yue Qun, Assistant President, and Li Qiu, Manager of Investment Promotion Department attended the signing ceremony.

At the signing ceremony, the two parties reviewed the long-term good cooperative relationship. General Manager Li Xiaobo said that ICBC actively builds a financial bridge for China-Thailand economic and trade exchanges, continuously deepens reforms and optimizes organizational structure. With the vision of "the preferred bank for Chinese-funded enterprises", ICBC continuously strengthens financial innovation, continuously improves service and product systems, and continuously optimizes online Online channel functions such as banks have recently launched new products and functions such as online tax payment and online credit granting for enterprises, actively improving service levels, and strongly supporting the financial needs of Chinese-funded enterprises investing in Thailand.

In order to better serve Chinese-funded enterprises in Thailand - China Rayong Industrial Park, ICBC (Thailand) set up a new branch in the park in recent years, playing the role of a bridgehead serving the park, and various businesses have achieved rapid development. At present, it has provided financial services for more than 230 enterprises and more than 12,000 employees in the park. Li Xiaobo pointed out that the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement has deepened and enhanced the good cooperative relationship between the two parties. ICBC (Thailand) will go hand in hand with the industrial park to strengthen linkages, continue to increase the resources of Chinese-funded enterprises in the park, continuously increase credit issuance, and continuously strengthen service capabilities, so as to provide financial services for the development and growth of Chinese-funded enterprises in Thailand with sincere service and professional capabilities. support.

President Zhao Bin expressed his gratitude to ICBC for its strong support to the industrial park in the areas of industrial real estate development financing, land sale settlement, and personal finance over the years. The cooperation between the two parties is close, smooth and fruitful.

In recent years, the two sides have maintained close cooperation and interaction in the fields of jointly serving Chinese-funded enterprises going global, which has played a positive synergistic role in the operation and development of Chinese-funded enterprises in the park and achieved a win-win situation. Zhao Bin pointed out that the Thailand-China Rayong Industrial Park is a demonstration park for cooperation between the governments of China and Thailand, and it is also one of the first overseas economic and trade cooperation zones in China. After 17 years of accumulation and development, the park has attracted more than 170 Chinese-funded enterprises and played a very important role as a platform for Chinese-funded enterprises to "go global" and invest in Thailand. Mr. Zhao said that this strategic cooperation agreement is a continuation of the previous good cooperation, which will definitely promote the deepening of cooperation between the two parties and give full play to their respective advantages. On the basis of the previous cooperation, the two sides will further strengthen the synergy in serving Chinese-funded enterprises in cross-border investment and financing, and actively respond to the new investment needs of Chinese-funded enterprises during the epidemic. Keywords: One Belt One Road, One Belt One Road News, One Belt One Road Project

In the future, the two parties will cooperate closely and efficiently in account opening, land purchase financing, standard factory land purchase loan, and new factory project loan. For newly settled enterprises, actively embed high-quality financial services into the whole process of enterprise investment and financing. Especially during the epidemic, ICBC (Thailand) will provide "cloud account opening" services for newly settled enterprises through green channels such as ICBC Global Outlets to effectively facilitate investment. In addition, ICBC (Thailand) will continue to strengthen personal financial support for Chinese employees in the park, including payroll, credit card, e-banking, RMB salary remittance and other services.Editor/XuNing