BRETON is listed on the list of key small giant companies

Seetao 2022-05-25 09:58
  • Being selected into the list of key small giant enterprises further interprets BRETON's innovation ability
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On May 24, 2022, BRETON was listed on the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's national-level specialized and new "Key 'Little Giant'" list of enterprises. Only 20 enterprises in Shanghai were selected this time. As early as 2021, BRETON has been selected into the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's National Directory of Specialized, Special and New Enterprises, and has been selected as a key "little giant" among the best, which further interprets BRETON's innovation capabilities and development potential.

"Specialized, refined and innovative", that is, specialization, refinement, specialization, and novelty, focusing on casting expertise, supporting industries, and winning the market with innovation. The purpose of developing specialized, specialized and new enterprises in China is to solve the problem of "stuck neck" as soon as possible. The core goal is key technology, and the soul is innovation.

Innovation is the cornerstone of BRETON's development. BRETON has been focusing on technological innovation since its establishment, and now it has formed a series of products such as pure electric vehicles, clean energy production, and unmanned driving, providing users with low-carbon, reliable and efficient green transportation services, helping the country and mankind to solve the problem problems, and make economic development greener, sustainable and safer.

First, BRETON can reduce the potential risk of oil getting stuck. Public data shows that China's dependence on foreign oil has exceeded 70%, and energy security is challenged by many uncertain factors. BRETON independently develops and produces electrified commercial vehicles, including pure electric loaders, excavators, mining trucks, road tractors, etc., using electricity to replace oil, helping users get rid of their dependence on oil, and ensuring the smooth production of infrastructure, mining and other major projects. conduct.

Secondly, BRETON can help humans solve the risk of fossil energy getting stuck. BRETON's promotion of electrification is not an end in itself, but replacing fossil energy with electrification is the original intention. At present, some regions use coal for power generation, and some regions use oil and natural gas for power generation. Fundamentally, there are still carbon emissions, which are still disturbed by resource reserves, and still have a negative impact on the environment.

In order to help users achieve true zero-carbon production, BRETON has built an integrated solution for wind-solar storage and transportation green energy management, providing users with a clean and sustainable closed-loop zero-carbon energy system to make production greener. The plan combines green energy production and consumption, storage and supply, management and application, carbon emissions and trading, and connects wind and solar power, energy storage, and new energy vehicles to the cloud platform through the Internet of Things, and conducts smart management based on big data. Electric construction machinery, heavy trucks and other equipment provide intelligent one-key charging and replacement services to provide users with real "new" energy.

More importantly, in the process of achieving the goal, BRETON did not choose to use it, but continued to innovate, established a positive development system, and conquered core technologies. For example, BRETON invited well-known scholars and IEEE Fellows in power electronics and automatic control to join in, independently tackle the three power systems, independently develop control strategies, realize the intelligent adaptive adjustment of power output of the power system, take into account high performance and low energy consumption, and improve economy and efficiency from the source. battery life. At the same time, BRETON's IoV technology enables the three-electric system to support iterative upgrades, and can simultaneously update the new version of the control strategy based on big data, gradually adapt to more working conditions, continuously improve energy consumption, performance, and optimize production efficiency.

If BRETON solves the problem of replacing fossil energy through electrification and new energy, which is an improvement of traditional production methods, then BRETON's efforts in driverless driving are pioneering innovations and re-creation of production concepts.

The BRETON driverless team is led by returned professors, IEEE Senior Members, and doctors from well-known universities in China. Based on the advantages of BRETON's vehicle electrification framework, it explores the collaborative operation mode of unmanned construction machinery and vehicle transportation, and realizes automatic loading and automatic transportation in the early stage. In the long run, it will realize the fully automatic operation of the mine, build a green and intelligent mine, and change the way humans obtain resources.

Those who seek the longevity of wood must consolidate its foundation; those who wish to flow far, must dredge its springs. Innovation is the foundation of development and the source of growth. To enhance the core competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry, it must be inseparable from the innovation of enterprises.

It is innovation that gave birth to a great dream. The founding team of BRETON has built an innovative organization according to the coding of innovation DNA, and achieved today's BRETON. Innovation, taking a road that no one has traveled; innovation, solving the problems that still plague the world; innovation, improving people's living and working environment; innovation, making society and ecology better. Editor / Xu Shengpeng