Cowles: Sinohydro witnessed his love

Seetao 2022-05-25 10:14
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"It was Sinohydro that brought me employment opportunities. Here, I developed my work skills and met the love of my life, Diana, Sinohydro is the testimony of our love." Kaolis, the project engineer of Indonesia's Kediri International Airport Project of the Hydropower Infrastructure Bureau, recalled his love experience with a happy smile on his face.

Kaulis is from Zongban, East Java, Indonesia, and Diana is from Magtan, East Java. The two young people who were separated by hundreds of kilometers and had never met before met because of the Indonesian Kediri International Airport project and started a wonderful fate.

In March 2021, with professional knowledge and skills and a positive working attitude, Kaulis successfully passed the employment of the project department of Indonesia's Kediri International Airport. After serving as an engineer for one year, he has become the backbone of the engineering department and won the outstanding employee of the project department. title.

The project is the only privately invested airport in Indonesia. It is located in the Jediri area of East Java, Indonesia. The project is operated by a joint venture formed by the Hydropower Infrastructure Bureau and a local partner company in Indonesia. Bidding in pure English, adopting international FIDIC terms, integrating design and construction, and involving a lot of professional knowledge, Kaullis said that it was his honor to work on this large project.

Kaulis is responsible for drawing management, project quality control, and docking with Party A. In the face of a huge airport project, Kaulis has professional knowledge but lacks experience. At first, he seemed at a loss when he actually accepted the task, but he was full of tenacity and did not admit defeat and did not believe that he could not do the job well.

Caulis set a goal for himself to understand and master all the information that the project needs to master within two months. He often sees him studying, searching for knowledge, and taking notes in his post after get off work.

Due to the change of construction drawings, the depth of the rotary excavation cast-in-place piles required to be constructed is less than the original, resulting in the reduction of the weight of the steel cage. Using his expertise and consulting with experienced masters, Cowles came up with a precise plan. It was welded on the casing in advance before the steel cage was lowered to increase the weight and control the flow rate of the concrete, which successfully solved the problem of the steel floating cage.

The hard work pays off. Now Kaulis has mastered the process and management proficiently, and has become a key member of many engineers. He is not only technically professional but also good at communication, saving a lot of time for the project department and making a contribution that cannot be underestimated. What surprised Cowles even more was that her adventure with Diana was made possible because of a piece of information.

In July 2021, because the project department needed to provide Party A with engineering materials, Diana happened to be the manager of Party A's sending and receiving materials. The two met for the first time because of this sending of materials, and Kaulis told the serious and meticulous girl. love at first sight.

The more and more frequent work communication, so that Cowles and Diana have more and more opportunities to contact, the two gradually get to know each other, and gradually have more contacts, discuss hobbies and interests in their spare time, shy Cowles plucked up the courage to confess, and the two established their relationship and went hand in hand.

"When I was working in full swing, I never complained of bitterness, and I never complained of tiredness for the days when the black and white of the construction period were reversed. Every time I saw him, he always carried measuring instruments and shuttled between the project department and the construction site in muddy rain boots. I miss him. A lover worthy of trust." Diana's words were sweet.

In January 2022, Diana accepted Caulis' marriage proposal, and the wedding date was set for January 23, which is exactly half a year since they met. They will accompany each other "half" and usher in a better life together. This day has also become a festival for the project department and the joint venture. Everyone sent their best wishes and congratulations to the new couple for a bumper harvest in love and career!

Both of them said that meeting each other is the happiest thing in their life. They are very lucky to meet each other, and they will go on happily in the future. Diana said that it was not so much a "random encounter", but rather that the efforts of the two brought "destiny", so they are full of gratitude to POWERCHINA.

For the Hydropower Infrastructure Bureau, the localized management of international projects has always been an important strategy for project performance, and a group of local employees with strong language advantages and strong business skills have been trained. Contract performance and personal improvement have all brought great help. Editor/He Yuting