The story of the young Egyptian engineer Marwan Medhat

Seetao 2022-05-25 15:51
  • Marwan Medhat is a safety engineer at China Construction Egypt
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Marwan Medhat is a safety engineer of China Construction Egypt. His hard work has been witnessed by all of us in the CBD project in the new capital of Egypt.

Marwan Medhat loves to learn. In Luban College, he has learned many advanced construction management experiences and integrated them according to the actual situation. Marwan conducted an improved training on safe work standards for all safety engineers on the project. Marwan is always patient and meticulous in providing constructive comments. "He can use his expertise to contribute to the company's safety award," said Liu Jingkun, deputy manager of the CBD HS SE department.

“I am very happy to be seen and recognized for my efforts. My greatest wish is to become the youngest Egyptian manager of the company’s HS SE department.” Speaking of his future ambitions, Marwan Medhat said.Editor/Ma Xue