Feng Yamei, the roses are blooming quietly at the construction site!

Seetao 2022-05-27 10:49
  • Feng Yamei, Squad Leader of the Survey Team of Anlin Highway Project Department
  • Anlin Highway is a road to prosperity in Linxia Prefecture, Gansu Province
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When the box girder with a length of 50 meters and a weight of 235 tons fell exactly on the pier, the leaders of the design institute, the owner and the director's office at the scene gave warm applause to the builder's superb skills. It is Feng Yamei, the squad leader of the survey team of the Anlin Highway Project Department of China Railway 21st Bureau No. 3 Company, who operates the measuring instruments on the bridge and directs the precise beam drop, a female surveyor who has devoted 24 years to the surveying position.

Feng Yamei on-site measurement and payout

Since joining the job, Feng Yamei has never left the surveying position. She participated in the construction of 10 projects, including the longest high-concentration gas tunnel in the country and the largest tunnel in the western section; there are expressways, high-speed railways, airports and municipal works. Due to her outstanding performance, she was twice rated as the company's "March 8 Red Banner Bearer" and an advanced individual. The women's measurement class she led was awarded the company's "Advanced Female Worker Collective" and other honorary titles twice.

Feng Yamei often encourages herself by saying "I have no mistakes in my work, please rest assured in my position". She is well aware that the slightest negligence in the measurement work can cause huge economic losses. To this end, she pays great attention to summarizing experience in her work, and is not stingy to share it with young colleagues. For example, in the second-level retest, Feng Yamei summarized the "fixed base point, fixed instrument, fixed measurement personnel, fixed measurement environment, fixed measurement route" and "five fixed" measurement methods, which effectively avoided the occurrence of measurement accidents.

When Feng Yamei first arrived at the Anlin first-class highway project, the project leader thought that she was too old and arranged for her to do engineering materials in the engineering department. Out of love for the surveying work, and the 7 members of the survey class are all young men in their early 20s, 5 of them are interns who have recently graduated, and their technical strength is weak. .

During the construction of the bridge pile foundation, Feng Yamei found that the wire point A set on the roadside had traces of being crushed by a car, so she introduced the re-measurement from the wire points B and C, and found that it was not closed, so she went to the survey team. The staff pointed out that the wire point A should not be set on the dirt road, but should be set in a place that is hard and strong and not easily damaged by external forces, so as to avoid the recurrence of such problems.

Feng Yamei erects a prism on a steep mountain

Lesbians who are engaged in measurement work have to face more difficulties and challenges. Climbing and wading across rivers, traversing among thorns, climbing steep rock walls and bridge piers dozens of meters high are all commonplace for Feng Yamei. The tough working environment has also cultivated her agile figure that does not lose to young people.

Anlin Highway is a road that benefits ethnic minorities in Linxia Prefecture, Gansu Province. It is designed as a first-class highway and constructed according to expressway standards. The project schedule is tight, the work area is large, and the measurement tasks are heavy. In order to complete the surveying task as soon as possible, Feng Yamei led the survey team to work hard in the wind and rain.

Feng Yamei organizes measurement data indoors

The No. 3 Super Bridge in Shangzhenggou has a total length of 2097.5 meters. It is laid along two mountains and a ditch. Among them, there are 54 hollow thin-walled piers, and the piers are as high as 55 meters. , Feng Yamei's five or six pairs of travel shoes were either worn out or damaged by the steel head.

In order to improve work efficiency, Feng Yamei, according to the construction progress of bridge pile foundations, roadbeds and tunnels, according to the daily statistics of the Engineering Department, listed the work plan for the next day the night before, and which points needed to be measured. She listed them clearly. When there are more work plans every day, there are 30, and there are 15 less, and the completion status should be sent to the measurement work group in time.

Lanxin high-speed railway built by Feng Yamei

At the end of December 2009, the company's precision measurement team dispatched Feng Yamei and some surveyors to re-measure the Lanxin high-speed rail wire points. Because of the cold weather in Xining, everyone's hands and feet were frozen, so they picked up the snow and picked up branches to make a fire to keep warm. The canteen delivered the lunch boxes to the construction site, and they ate around the fire. After a while, the food was frozen into ice cubes. Even though the working environment was so harsh and the conditions were so difficult, Feng Yamei and her colleagues insisted on completing the measurement task.

Now, the Anlin highway project has entered the final stage, and Feng Yamei and her surveying team are even busier. Colleagues around her said: "Sister Feng is like a rose on the construction site. It is fragrant wherever she goes." Editor/He Yuting