Baoshan Dam water supply and drainage project started

Seetao 2022-05-30 17:12
  • The average annual rainfall of Baoshan Dam is 988 mm, the water shortage rate is 46.9%, and water resources are relatively scarce
  • The connection of 24 water source points this time will comprehensively improve the security capacity of Baoshan Dam for water supply and drainage
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On May 26, 2022, the official commencement ceremony of the Baoshanba Water Supply and Drainage "One Network" and Urban-Rural Water Supply Integration Project in Yunnan Province was held in Longyang District.

It is understood that the total area of Baoshan Dam is 325 square kilometers, the average annual rainfall is 988 mm, the total water resources are 363 million cubic meters, and the per capita water resources occupation is only 688 cubic meters, which is 15% of the average level of Yunnan Province. up to 46.9%, which is an area with relatively scarce water resources. In order to ensure the living, production and ecological water in the jurisdiction, implement the unified allocation of water resources and realize the comprehensive and balanced utilization of water resources, the Baoshan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government decided to implement the Baoshan Dam water supply and drainage "one network" and urban-rural water supply integration project.

The rolling investment of this project is about 8 billion yuan, mainly in 160 villages (communities) in 11 towns and towns within the Baoshan Dam area to implement the integrated construction of urban and rural water supply. The more than 1,000-kilometer pipeline network erected will connect 24 surrounding water sources and 17 water plants, forming a circulating network water supply layout. At the same time, a dispatching center was established in Qingyang Water Plant to implement unified allocation of water resources. By 2025, the water supply capacity of the water plant will reach 350,000 cubic meters per day, and the water quality will meet the national standard, ensuring that 587,100 people drink healthy water. In addition, about 30 million cubic meters of ecological water distributed in the main stream of the East River and 17 tributaries will be increased to achieve the goal of effective supply of water for living, production and ecological use.

The start of the Baoshan Dam water supply and drainage "one network" and urban-rural water supply integration project is to fully implement the idea of water saving priority, space balance, systematic governance, and two-handed efforts to control water, promote the integrated development of urban and rural water supply and drainage in Baoshan City, and ensure the protection of Baoshan Dam. The major measure of water ecological environment safety marks that Baoshan City is implementing comprehensive water resources dispatching, scientific and rational allocation of water resources, ensuring the spatial balance of water resources, and realizing the efficient use of water resources. A solid step has been taken in the water supply and drainage pattern of quality, price and service.

Duan Zhonghua, member of the Standing Committee of Baoshan Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Longyang District Party Committee, said that the Baoshan Dam water supply and drainage "one network" project is a strong support for promoting the coordinated development of urban and rural water supply and drainage in Baoshan and making up for the shortcomings of water conservancy infrastructure. In the future, after the project is completed, 19 water source projects in the entire Baoshan Dam area will be connected into a "one network", so that the people in Baoshan Dam area can really have water and drink good water. Editor/He Yuting