Mexico City Metro Line 1 Project Selected as a Classic Case

Seetao 2022-05-31 11:22
  • Years of operation on Mexico City's Metro Line 1 make its facilities and equipment in urgent need of modernization
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Recently, the CRRC program has once again attracted the attention of the world and won recognition and praise. As a major PPP project in Mexico, the overall modernization project of Mexico City Metro Line 1, implemented by CRRC Consortium, has been selected as one of the top ten classic PPP projects in the world by the United Nations Development Program with high social and environmental benefits.

The 6th Global PPP Project Forum was hosted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. A total of 37 cases were received, of which 18 were included in the UNECE case study material database, and 10 were shortlisted for sharing in this forum.

At the forum, the project leaders of the Mexico City Metro Bureau shared the overall situation of the project, equity, environmental sustainability and resilience, economic efficiency and sustainability, and reproducibility.

It is understood that in 2020, the Mexico City Metro Bureau will open tenders. CRRC ZELC and CRRC Hong Kong successfully won the bid to provide vehicles, control systems, track construction and maintenance services for Mexico City.

Mexico City Metro Line 1

Mexico City Metro Line 1 is the backbone of urban rail transit, with 20 stations and the largest interconnection with other metro lines and the BRT system. It is responsible for 15% of the total number of passengers transported by the metro network, about 243 million passengers per year, and 140 million Passengers in transit. The line opened in 1969, and after more than 50 years of operation, its facilities and equipment are in urgent need of modernization.

The overall modernization project will shorten the travel time and transfer time, and greatly improve the comfort and safety of passengers. At the same time, the project can create 1,400 direct jobs and 700 indirect jobs, reduce energy consumption by 35%, and have strong economic and social benefits, as well as sustainable environmental benefits.

After the forum, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe sent a special letter to Mexico City Metro, thanking it for sharing its case and providing replicable sustainable solutions for other projects.

CRRC will continue to contribute Chinese solutions to the development of global rail transit, and look forward to experiencing Chinese speed as soon as possible in a country where cacti bloom. Editor/He Yuting