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The first oil development project invested by CNOOC in Uganda starts

Seetao 2022-05-31 15:16
  • The start of the project will bring new development opportunities to Uganda
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The Uganda Kingfisher (Kingfisher) EPC3 general contract project undertaken by a Chinese company officially started on May 30, 2022. After the project is completed and put into production, it will help Uganda become an important crude oil producer in East Africa, bring considerable economic benefits to Uganda and even East Africa, and promote the rapid development of local social economy.

Uganda's Kingfisher oil field is located in the western part of the Great Rift Valley and the southern part of the Albert Basin. It was discovered in the Albert Lake area in western Uganda in 2006. It is the first commercial oil field discovered in Uganda, with an area of about 32.3 square kilometers.

The oilfield is jointly invested and developed by CNOOC and Total. CNOOC Uganda Co., Ltd. acts as the operator of Kingfisher Oilfield, and Tianjin Port Bonded Area Enterprises CNOOC Engineering and CNPC Engineering Construction are the general contractors of the EPC3 package of the project's surface engineering construction. The project construction includes a crude oil central processing station (peak output of 40,000 barrels per day), 4 well sites and supporting ancillary facilities. The construction period of the project is 36 months, and it is expected to be put into operation in early 2025. Keywords: One Belt One Road, One Belt One Road News, One Belt One Road Project

The Uganda Kingfisher EPC3 general contract project is an important achievement of deepening China-Africa cooperation, and is of great significance to promoting the joint construction of the Belt and Road Initiative and international energy cooperation. The project adopts a localized construction plan, which not only provides local jobs for Uganda, but also further helps to cultivate local oil and gas talents and improve their professional skills, and brings new development opportunities to Uganda, which takes traditional agriculture and animal husbandry as its main economic source.Editor/XuNing