Science and Technology Workers Day: It is the background and the confidence!

Seetao 2022-05-31 17:12
  • Generations of outstanding scientific and technological workers have created world-renowned scientific and technological achievements
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May 30, 2022

is National Science and Technology Workers Day

General Secretary Xi Jinping

It was pointed out at the 2020 Scientist Symposium:

"Scientific achievements are inseparable from spiritual support.

The spirit of a scientist is a scientific and technological worker

Valuable spiritual wealth accumulated in long-term scientific practice. "

If the spirit of scientists has a background

Patriotic red with national rejuvenation as its own responsibility

It is innovative blue that dares to be the first

It is still the dedication blue that has worked hard and devoted himself to scientific research.


these undertones

It's our foundation

watch together

The patriotic spirit of cherishing the motherland and serving the people

The innovative spirit of climbing the peak and daring to be the first

The spirit of truth-seeking in pursuit of truth and rigorous scholarship

Indifference to fame and fortune, dedication to research

The collaborative spirit of gathering intelligence to tackle key problems and unity and cooperation

The spirit of educating people who is willing to be a ladder and rewarding postgraduates

It is the core connotation of the spirit of Chinese scientists in the new era

It is a distinctive feature of the vast number of scientific and technological workers

Today, let's talk to Chinese science and technology workers together

pay tribute!