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China Tianchen Co., Ltd. contracted theIndonesian coke projectstart construction

Seetao 2022-06-01 16:46
  • After the project is completed, the annual output value is expected to reach 3.9 million tons
  • The project is located in Qingshan Industrial Park, Indonesia. The supporting facilities include coal storage and blending system, coking system, etc.
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On May 26, 2022, the 2# coke oven of the 3.9 million t/a coke project in Jinxiang, Indonesia, which was contracted by China Tianchen Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China National Chemical Corporation, officially started construction, marking the successful completion of an important milestone for the project. The node has become a new starting point for project construction.

This project is located in Qingshan Industrial Park, Indonesia. It adopts single-heat tamping coke oven, 5.5m high, 6x65 hole carbonization chamber, including coal storage and blending system, coking system (including wet coke quenching, coke screening, ground dust removal station, coke Furnace flue gas treatment), gas purification and recovery system and other supporting facilities. Coke oven masonry is the core construction content of this project. The 2# coke oven masonry officially started, marking the completion of the first important node around the 2# coke oven coking task.

At 9:18 in the morning, at the project site of Qingshan Industrial Park in Indonesia, the project commencement ceremony was held amid colorful fireworks. Wang Xinhai, General Manager of Indonesia Jinxiang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Xiang Guoxiang, Executive Deputy General Manager, Qi Yongjun, Deputy General Manager, Manager and Deputy Project Manager of Tianchen Indonesia Branch, relevant leaders and supervisors of Tianchen Project Department attended the groundbreaking ceremony. In his speech, the owner fully affirmed the achievements made by the project department of Tianchen Company, and put forward specific requirements for the follow-up work.

The opening ceremony of the furnace was inspiring and greatly boosted the morale of the entire project team. Since the start of the project, with the strong support of the owner, the supervision company and the participating units, the Jinxiang Project Department of Tianchen Company gave full play to the advantages of technology and general contracting management, pragmatic innovation, careful management and control, and overcome the long material supply cycle and delivery time. Affected by the epidemic and many other difficulties. , pay close attention to the goals and tasks, arrange scientifically, plan carefully, implement relevant nodes with high efficiency and high standards, and fully promote the project construction. Keywords: One Belt One Road, One Belt One Road News, One Belt One Road Project

In the next step, the Indonesian Jinxiang Project Department of Tianchen Company will take the construction of No. 2 coke oven as a new starting point, concentrate its efforts, strictly implement key parts and nodes, and invest in the project construction with more enthusiasm, high fighting spirit and pragmatic style. , to ensure the smooth completion of various goals and tasks, and to write a new chapter in the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative in Indonesia, a country of thousands of islands.Editor/XuNing