Overseas staff of the Fourth Bureau of Hydropower: A new dream takes off in Iraq

Seetao 2022-06-01 18:11
  • The Fourth Hydropower Bureau participated in the construction of the Iraqi DemonstrationSchool Project, whichan Iraqi livelihood project
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In the beginning of summer, the sun over Iraq has already entered the "working state", and the "professional" scorching the earth. The outdoor temperature has been soaring, and even if it exceeds 40 degrees, it is still "unstoppable". Under the suffocating high temperature and dazzling sunshine, a group of people from the 4th Bureau came to a mysterious country with hope and blessings.

Dream set sail

The Iraqi Demonstration School Project is a major political project and people's livelihood project in Iraq. It has important social and economic significance. The main construction contents include the walls of more than 100 schools, buildings within the walls, water, electricity, heating, decoration, water and electricity pipelines and municipal services. connected, with a total construction area of more than 500,000 square meters.

This is the place where the dream begins for the Sibu who entered the Iraqi market for the first time, but it is a challenging place for the project staff with experience in the construction of international projects.

The Iraqi demonstration school project has a large number of individual units, a wide range of divisions, a tight construction period, a relatively complex political situation, and uneven skills of local construction and operation personnel. It is difficult to organize and coordinate construction and manage subcontractor teams. Especially in the case of inconsistency between the project settlement and subcontract settlement in the process of project settlement and change, the foreigners from the Fourth Bureau who came to participate in the company's Iraqi market for the first time with their dreams were very troubled.

In order to solve this difficulty, project manager Leng Wenbin led the construction management team of the project department to conduct research on various construction sites. Considering that the project group was scattered and spanned a lot, a lot of time would be wasted on the road, so he made overall planning in advance. , to carry out systematic management of the construction area in the form of "zoning", arrange special personnel to monitor the site, keep abreast of the site situation, smooth the communication mechanism, and solve the construction problems of the project as soon as possible.

Leng Wenbin also in-depth research and study of local building standards and regulations, focusing on material sampling and inspection procedures. After repeated communication, testing and research, we finally concluded the working method suitable for project performance: through the comparison and analysis of the calculated project quantity and the team's reported quantity, the projects with different results shall be reviewed, and the data shall be reported after confirming that there are no errors. It is sent to the supervisor, thereby optimizing the working method of the on-site settlement and improving the work efficiency. In addition, Leng Wenbin will also supervise and review the project volume after the completion of the settlement basis, do a good job in data storage and analysis, further standardize the settlement work, and also lay the foundation for the later performance of the project and change claims.

"The Iraqi Demonstration School Project is an important under-construction project of the Fourth Hydropower Bureau taking root in the Iraqi market, and it is also an important supporting project for the long-term development of the market. I am confident and determined to make the company's market in Iraq better and better." Leng Wenbin said.

Realize value

In the early stage of project construction, Wang Jianxiong, an "old master" with rich experience in housing construction, deeply felt that "everything is difficult at the beginning".

In March 2022, Wang Jianxiong came to the Iraqi Demonstration School Project and was responsible for the construction management of a construction area in Babylon Province. When he saw the yellow sand in the sky, the high temperature and the buildings destroyed by artillery fire, the scenes of various war news that he had seen on the news kept appearing in his mind. Yuanhe's lack of project drawings is even more smeared.

Time is tight and tasks are heavy, but things still have to be done one by one. In his spare time, he worked hard to learn Arabic, tried every means to overcome difficulties in communicating with local employees, and urged the team to implement monthly and weekly plans in a way acceptable to local employees; The inspection period of Iraqi materials is long. In order to ensure the progress of the project construction, Wang Jianxiong used the work flow of material inspection, changed his thinking, kept an eye on the inspection process dynamics, led the team to apply to the secretariat and the laboratory many times, communicated and coordinated the priority inspection of school projects The right to communicate with the laboratory immediately regarding the unqualified materials submitted for inspection, clarify the key points of unqualified materials for inspection, and quickly find materials that meet the standards for secondary inspection, thereby greatly shortening the experimental testing cycle and saving project construction. precious time.

The biggest challenge currently facing is to communicate with the supervisor to solve the problem on site and drawings. In order to solve the problem as soon as possible, he sent a letter to the Iraqi Secretariat in strict accordance with the requirements, and led the team to the Secretariat many times. In the end, the Secretariat agreed to give priority to the delivery of the land. , and the school drawings that meet the requirements of the plot size have cleared the obstacles for the project construction.

With the joint efforts of Wang Jianxiong and the project department, on May 10th, the concrete pouring of the first warehouse of the cushion layer of the No. 18, No. 16, and No. 29 schools in Babylon Province was completed successfully. Fast work area.

On the golden construction site, deafening mechanical sounds came one after another. Under the scorching sun, a young man in overalls and a hard hat gestured towards a forklift not far away. His sweat-drenched clothes were tightly attached to his body, and when the forklift stopped at the designated position, he made a "thumbs up" gesture and walked to the next construction site.

"If before you came to Iraq, you knew that you had to bask in the sun every day and the workload was still so heavy, would you still come?" a colleague on the side asked with a smile. "Come on, experience yourself, sharpen yourself, it is growth and breakthrough." The young man replied without raising his head while recording it on the paper.

His name is Yang Ziheng. In March, he came to the Iraqi Demonstration School Project to participate in the construction of the project. For the first time, he went abroad to engage in international engineering. He has a passion for everything and is full of curiosity about everything in Iraq. In order to allow the employees of the project department to adapt to the local environment as soon as possible, he started with local laws, studied the "Iraqi Labor Law", "Iraq Labor Protection Law" and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the local culture, and compiled a management system that conforms to the actual situation of local employees. In the dead of night, after finishing the construction site materials, he was still sitting at his desk, studying the international project management experience of other outstanding companies in the local market, writing and drawing on a notebook, and improving the employee management system.

He has not been in Iraq for a long time. During this time, he has actively carried out various activities and has already become one with the project employees. He has built a more active communication platform through a variety of cultural and sports activities, which has allowed him to understand and integrate into the local culture more quickly. , seeing people of different countries and languages getting closer and closer, he smiled and had more energy.

After the Iraqi Demonstration School Project is completed, it will become a demonstration school project with high quality standards, modern style and in line with the actual needs of Iraq, which is of great significance for improving teaching conditions in the provinces. In the eyes of the builders, despite the thorns ahead, they will still hold their heads high and help the people here to "realize their dreams" with firm determination and efficient practical actions.Editor/XuNing