Quanchai forge ahead with hard work, burning the national character signboard

Seetao 2022-06-02 17:25
  • Quan Chai is a very hard-working fighting collective
  • This kind of spiritual power greatly enhances the employee's loyalty to the company and the sense of responsibility of the protagonist
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"International quality, a century of Quanchai" takes a global perspective, benchmarking against well-known enterprises, and is committed to building Quanchai into a century-old enterprise with leading technology, leading quality, leading service and harmonious development. This is the unswerving development of Quanchai Power. vision.

Looking back on the 73 years of legendary history, Quanchai relies on honesty as its foundation and development, innovation as its forward driving force, the soul of the enterprise, excellence as its eternal goal and sacred mission. The forest sang Quan Chai Zhizao. From a county-level small workshop in Anhui to a research and development and manufacturing base for medium and small power engines in China's internal combustion engine industry, what is the secret of Quanchai Power's adaptation to the times?

Strengthen muscles and bones, activate the internal force of the enterprise

Back in 1949, the year when the Republic was established, more than a dozen pioneers laid the foundation of Quanchai Power in Quanjiao County, Anhui Province, and established the "Sound Rice Factory" (the predecessor of Quanchai Power). In 1970, Quanchai began to officially produce diesel engines. By the early 1990s, Quanchai had achieved the largest scale in the country in the field of single-cylinder diesel engines. Entering the new century, with the rapid development of my country's economy, the development of multi-cylinder diesel engines has ushered in the dawn. Only by walking at the forefront of the industry can we be selected by the times. Quanchai Power has deployed ahead of schedule and entered the automotive engine manufacturing industry with an advanced strategic vision.

Entering the automotive industry is a major strategic breakthrough for Quanchai, and it also brings new opportunities for development. Looking back on the development history of Quan Chai, opportunities and challenges have always coexisted. Quan Chai experienced a difficult period during the Cultural Revolution. How to deal with the challenges? For Quanchai, this is not a multiple-choice question but a compulsory question. In the course of the rapid development of the enterprise, Quanchai gave its own answer: reform. After a series of drastic reforms, Quanchai has now become a national high-tech enterprise, a national intellectual property advantage enterprise, a national technological innovation enterprise, and one of the largest four-cylinder engine R&D and manufacturing enterprises in China. As a county-level state-owned enterprise, it has always ranked first in the highly competitive industry, which is the glory of Quanchai and the miracle of the entire multi-cylinder Xiaochai industry.

Return to quality to achieve endogenous growth

Those with a long history have a long history, and those with deep roots are luxuriant. To focus on cultural construction is to focus on the source of water and the foundation of trees. In the process of the rapid development of the enterprise, Quanchai people realize that the sense of crisis and responsibility is the top priority of enterprise development. The two strings of crisis awareness and responsibility awareness are very tight among the decision-makers of Quanchai. Influenced by factors such as regional culture, in the era of market economy, there are many unfavorable factors affecting the survival and development of Quanchai, and the market competition is complex and difficult. It is also cruel, and if the decision makers are a little careless, the enterprise will surely decline.

In the eyes of outsiders, Quanchai is the leader and big brother of China's internal combustion engine industry, but only Quanchai people know that behind the normal operation of the company is the selfless efforts of decision makers. From single-cylinder machines to multi-cylinder machines, from small agricultural machinery to automobiles, industrial vehicles and construction machinery industries, to today's non-road China IV, automobile China VI, and new energy. In the 73-year development process of Quanchai, countless efforts and sweat of decision makers have been condensed behind it, and each product is the crystallization of the wisdom of Quanchai people.

Looking back on history, the ups and downs that we have experienced have made Quanchai realize that we must rely on quality to win the market. The closer we get to the top, the more difficult the road will be. Only by returning to quality can the company stand on the top of the industry. Quanchai's quality policy is "high-quality, creating a famous brand, occupying the market, and seeking benefits", and continuously improves the first-time inspection pass rate and customer satisfaction of the engine. The high-share market relies on high-quality products. it is good. This kind of consciousness is the enterprising consciousness engraved in the minds of Quan Chai people. In the past years, Quan Chai has handed over beautiful transcripts one after another. Many media reports believe that Quanchai is a banner on the industrial front in Anhui. Quanchai is the business card of Quanjiao, a famous brand in Anhui, a leading brand of small and medium power in China's internal combustion engine industry, and an enterprise with soul and feelings.

Cohesion to create a century-old Quanchai

In the internal combustion engine industry, success is not easy, and the construction of corporate culture is by no means easy. In line with the times, let the enterprise remain vigilant and maintain passion. The Quanchai people are a very hard-working fighting group. In the past, Xiaochai manufacturers who were in a hurry have fallen, and Quanchai has become the only survivor. In the hearts of thousands of employees, Quanchai is a home full of great love. This kind of Spiritual strength greatly enhances employees' loyalty to the company and their sense of responsibility as a hero, and the company and employees achieve each other. In the long-term cultural training and value incentives, Quanchai has accumulated a number of pillars to help the development of the company. Excellent corporate culture embodies the core values of integrity, innovation, excellence and harmony. For the future development of the enterprise, Quanchai people are always full of confidence.

After 73 years of hard work, Quanchai products have covered China, Southeast Asia, Europe, South America and other countries and regions. In the future, Quanchai will unswervingly focus on customers and adhere to the principle of "quality, market, efficiency and survival". Business philosophy, adhere to green development, and build a century-old Quanchai. Editor / Zhao E