Wu Xijun, a road maintainer: role models are always on the road

Seetao 2022-06-06 17:03
  • With a shovel and a touch of orange, Wu Xijun has been working as a road maintenance worker for the capital highway for 24 years
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Wu Xijun, leader of the road maintenance team of the Eighth Maintenance Project Department of the Maintenance Division of Beijing Shoufa Highway Maintenance Engineering Co., Ltd.

"I will do my best to protect every road in the capital and make them a happy and safe road for the common people." With this idea in mind, in 1997, 20-year-old Wu Xijun became a road maintenance worker on the capital's highway; in 2003 , Wu Xijun was transferred to the road maintenance class and began to learn road maintenance skills.

In 2016, Wu Xijun Innovation Studio, established by the first maintenance company, jointly compiled, summarized and refined 29 maintenance instructions in 8 categories, sorted out and improved the safety operation procedures for 43 types of mechanical facilities and equipment, and successively obtained more than 20 practical patents. , 5 invention patents. In 2021, Wu Xijun was hired as a professional craftsman and one of the top ten annual figures in 2021 who moved traffic, realizing the transformation from craftsman to teacher.Editor/Ma Xue