19 measures to accelerate the construction of water conservancy projects

Seetao 2022-06-07 09:42
  • 55 major water conservancy projects planned and promoted by the state in 2022, and 6 more will be started before the end of June
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A few days ago, the Ministry of Water Resources issued 19 specific work measures to promote the accelerated construction of water conservancy projects.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Water Resources, the 19 specific work measures involve: expanding the financing channels for water conservancy construction, fully promoting 55 major water conservancy projects, accelerating the construction and renovation of irrigation areas, and accelerating the promotion of risk-removal and reinforcement of dangerous reservoirs.

In terms of accelerating the construction and renovation of irrigation areas, in 2022, the State Council will focus on the promotion of 6 new large-scale irrigation area projects. At present, two irrigation area projects in Jiangxi Dayao and Guangxi Datangxia have started construction. The irrigation area, Longyun irrigation area in Guangxi, and Huaihong Xinhe irrigation area in Anhui will also ensure that they can start early and start all construction within the year. In 2022, the central government issued an investment of 6.7 billion yuan for the renovation of 76 large-scale irrigation areas. As of the end of May, 58 sites had approved preliminary designs. All localities have allocated 7 billion yuan of central water conservancy development funds, and carried out water-saving renovations in 405 medium-sized irrigation areas. By the end of May, the central investment of 2.732 billion yuan had been completed, and the completion progress was 39%.Editor/Ma Xue