China's first deepwater underwater multi-function manifold system delivered

Seetao 2022-06-07 10:14
  • The multi-functional manifold delivered this time has great challenges to equipment sealing, material strength and process quality
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On June 6, 2022, COOEC Tianjin Lingang Special Equipment Manufacturing Site held China's first deepwater underwater multi-functional manifold system delivery event.

The multi-functional manifold delivered this time will be applied to the development of the Dongfang gas field group under CNOOC Hainan Branch. It integrates 11 localized key control and monitoring equipment such as subsea distribution units, control modules, routers, etc. It is a domestic independent research and development. The first set of 500-meter deep underwater manifold engineering products with control system. The delivery of the deepwater underwater multi-functional manifold system marks an important breakthrough in the independent research and development, design, manufacturing and testing technology of China's offshore oil and gas underwater production equipment.

The underwater manifold is mainly distributed between the wellhead groups on the seabed, and has a series of important functions such as collecting wellhead oil and gas, distributing electric power and hydraulic pressure, and performing underwater control and monitoring. One of the core technical equipments plays an important role in collecting deep-sea oil and gas and transporting them to the processing center—offshore platform.

In order to verify the overall performance of the system, COOEC creatively carried out onshore integration tests such as underwater manifold system integration test, underwater manifold system + underwater Christmas tree system integration test, ROV/diver interface test, etc., which have passed the international authoritative third-party Norway The classification society witnessed on-site that a number of key technical indicators have reached the international advanced level.Editor/Ma Xue