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China-Saudi Arabia joint company plans to build two service data centers

Seetao 2022-06-07 17:16
  • A cloud computing company jointly established by China and Saudi Arabia will build data centers across Saudi Arabia
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Saudi Cloud Computing Company is a joint venture company established in May this year by Saudi Telecom Company, Easy Capital, Alibaba Cloud, Saudi Artificial Intelligence Company and Saudi Information Technology Company. The newly opened data center will provide a variety of solutions including elastic computing, storage, network and database to meet the growing business needs of the region's retail, financial technology, Internet and other industries in the process of digitalization. The two data centers will also provide Saudi customers with world-leading commonality, security and stability of cloud services.

Urayan Mohammed, CEO of Saudi Telecom, said: "Saudi Arabia is making great strides in providing scalable and secure IT infrastructure to meet the demands of the digital age for the stability and security of cloud service offerings. TA Capital and Alibaba Cloud will leverage their industry resources, technical expertise and industry knowledge to serve our local clients seeking to embrace digital innovation."

Yuan Qian, head of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International Business Unit, said the launch of the new joint venture is an important milestone, and Alibaba Cloud will support more local enterprises to benefit from leading cloud computing technologies to promote Saudi Arabia's digital transformation. Keywords: One Belt One Road, One Belt One Road News, One Belt One Road Project

Li Jinji, the founding and managing partner of Easy Capital, said that Easy Capital has invested in and supported more than 16 Chinese technology companies to enter the Middle East and North Africa market, and most of them will be the first customers of Saudi cloud computing companies.Editor/XuNing