China Railway Li Jianzhuang: Chasing dreams in Shanxi and Hebei

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  • China Railway Li Jianzhuang has grown from a front-line worker to a victorious general
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The typical leads the direction, and the example gathers strength. In 2021, guided by the "168" overall strategy, China Railway Sixth Bureau will continue to deepen the work of the six major systems, promote the implementation of the seven major tasks, and achieve a steady start in the "14th Five-Year Plan". Over the past year, the majority of cadres and workers of the group company have adhered to their original mission and dared to act, and a large number of advanced models with firm politics, excellent work style, proficient business and dedication have emerged. China Railway Sixth Bureau cultural publicity WeChat official account launched the column "Exemplary Power", which tells the deeds of advanced and typical characters of the group company, spreads their valuable qualities, and further gathers the spiritual power to accelerate the high-quality development of the enterprise.

Li Jianzhuang, Assistant General Manager of Shijiazhuang Company of China Railway Sixth Bureau and Project Manager of ZH12 Project of Taiyuan Northwest Second Ring Road

In his 33-year engineering career, he has soared from north to south, growing from a front-line worker to a "general victorious", and still fluttering his wings; With ingenuity to create high-quality products and to witness the mission with his original intention, he has successively won the honorary titles of "Model Worker" of China Railway in 2021 and "Advanced Individual" of Yangquan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. Project Manager Li Jianzhuang.

Fluttering the wind and rain interprets the spirit of the Iron Army

In January 2016, Li Jianzhuang led the project team to the Yangda Railway. The Yangda Railway is a major livelihood project in Shanxi Province, and it plays a vital role in revitalizing the local economy. This is destined to be a battle of honor and mission, but Li Jianzhuang's heart is like a boulder. Coal mine goafs and slag landfills along the Yangda Railway are numerous and widely distributed, with poor geological conditions, high safety risks and high technical requirements for key projects, and difficulties arise one after another.

The Dongzhai Tunnel of Yangda Railway is a control project of the whole line, with a total length of 1580 meters and a sharp turn with a radius of only 400 meters, which requires extremely high precision control of the direction of the tunnel. This is also the first time that Li Jianzhuang's team has organized the construction of such a difficult tunnel project. "The key to winning this 'key battle' is to measure well, and to miss it by the slightest."

Yangquan North Station of Yangda Railway

As soon as construction started, Li Jianzhuang moved the dormitory to the entrance of the tunnel. He led the surveyors to strictly implement the safety standards. Every time they advanced one meter, they would use a laser limit detector to check the clearance of the tunnel in the lined section, master real-time measurement data, and invite third-party experts to re-test the relevant data . In this cold and damp tunnel of more than 1,000 meters, every meter of excavation left Li Jianzhuang's solid footprints. Standing for a long time and the humid air in the tunnel caused his calf to swell, and it was difficult to walk. The next day he fought back the pain and stood at the forefront of the tunnel excavation measurement. On August 29, 2017, the Dongzhai Tunnel was successfully penetrated, and the construction error was much smaller than the design specification requirements.

On September 24, 2020, the Yangquan North to Yangquan East section of the Yangquan-Dalian Railway was opened. The Yangquan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government awarded the China Railway Sixth Bureau the "Outstanding Contribution" award. The bridge node reconstruction project has successively won the bids, and the market has achieved rolling development.

Soaring against the wind to show the responsibility of iron shoulders

In March 2018, Yangquan City Yangquan Avenue Highway Bridge Project started. The Yangquan Avenue Highway Bridge Project is a guarantee project for the archery competition of the Shanxi Second Youth Association. The project is located on the coal mine spoil layer with an average thickness of 50 meters in the slag backfill area, which is geologically fragile. The bridge needs to go into the rock for about 20 meters, and the longest pile foundation is 73 meters. At the same time, the project spans the existing line and the Yangda Railway under construction. The process interference is large, the safety risk is extremely high, and the technical difficulty is rare in the northern region. The construction period for the base division project is only two months.

"Technical problems can only be solved by innovative construction methods, which is the key to solving the current difficulties." Li Jianzhuang devoted himself to technical breakthroughs. On the one hand, he organized technical personnel to study relevant construction cases, and analyzed and studied day and night. On the other hand, he has repeatedly consulted relevant experts to study and test the staged results. After several days of fighting day and night, the "full casing full rotary drilling rig construction method for bored piles" was finally developed.

Yangquan Avenue Highway Project

The new construction method uses a full casing full-rotation drilling rig and a rotary drilling rig. The drilling rig greatly reduces the frictional resistance between the steel casing and the soil layer, and presses in while rotating to ensure geological stability. At the same time, the rotary drilling rig is used to excavate the soil, and the full-rotation drilling will be stopped after reaching the rock penetration depth, and the rotary drilling will continue to be drilled. The new construction method solves the problems such as the inability to form holes in the ultra-deep backfill layer, the super-large amount of concrete, the poor verticality of the ultra-long pile depth and the easy settlement of the sediment, which greatly improves the porosity of the pile foundation. This construction method was awarded the construction method of the Highway Construction Industry Association. On May 14, 2019, all 112 pile foundations of Yangquan Avenue Highway Bridge in Yangquan City were drilled, completing the node target 30 days ahead of schedule, laying a solid foundation for subsequent construction.

Under the leadership of Li Jianzhuang, Yangquan City Yangquan Avenue Highway Bridge Project was successfully completed in just over 120 days, saving more than 240 days of construction time, which was highly praised by the Yangquan Municipal Government.

The head goose effect forges an excellent team

Just after the Spring Festival in 2020, the experienced Li Jianzhuang started a new journey for the second-ring highway project in the northwest of Taiyuan. The total length of the line undertaken by the project department is 14.7 kilometers, which is the largest single project in the history of Shijiazhuang Company.

Li Jianzhuang realized that the expansion of the project development scale will inevitably enter more engineering fields. It is important to move forward bravely, and technological innovation is even more important. After 33 years of hard work in the engineering field, he has devoted himself to the study and innovation of new technologies and new construction methods with the determination to "start from scratch", organize technical personnel to compare and analyze relevant engineering cases, and study and research the latest tunnels in the industry. Construction technology and application in construction.

Taiyuan Northwest Second Ring Niujinshan Tunnel

His innovative applications continue to escort the construction of the project. The "three positioning systems" are set up at the exit of the Niujinshan Tunnel to realize comprehensive visual management; , The use of multi-functional sweeping and fog cannon maintenance integrated machine has achieved double standards of safety and environmental protection; the tunnel excavation method has been changed from the single-side wall construction method to the three-step reserved core soil method, and the monthly progress has been increased from 40 meters to 70 meters. On December 9, 2021, the excavation of the double holes at the exit of the Niujinshan Tunnel exceeded the kilometer mark, and significant progress was made in construction and production.

The wind is formed above, and the vulgar form is below. With the spirit of hard work and study, Li Jianzhuang has obtained the certificates of registered safety engineer and project manager, and won the honorary title of "Excellent Project Manager" in the construction industry of Shijiazhuang City. Under the influence of his "head goose effect", the enthusiasm of the project department staff to study has been greatly stimulated, and excellent talents have emerged one after another. In the past two years, 15 employees of the project department have successively taken up key positions such as project managers and chief engineers.

Thirty-three years of road resistance and long, honor bear the vicissitudes of life, hardships confirm the glory. Li Jianzhuang has never changed his original intention, and his ambition is always there. When the banner of "pioneering the road" is raised, he will still use roads and bridges as a pen, mountains and rivers as scrolls, and use hard work to describe the magnificent chapter of the construction of the times. Editor/Zhao E