Stick to Australia for 800 days, blow all the mad sand to gold!

Seetao 2022-06-08 16:44
  • Zhuo Jianwen, the only employee of XCMG stationed in Australia in the past two years
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From the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere, he went thousands of miles away, and stood firm for 800 consecutive days. Zhuo Jianwen is the guardian of XCMG gold in the mine, and he is also a humorous Good Mate in the eyes of users.

Zhuo Jianwen is the third from the right

Australia has always been an important position for XCMG equipment to fight overseas, but due to the impact of the epidemic and strict immigration control, Zhuo Jianwen has become the only employee of XCMG stationed in Australia in the past two years. One husband is the one who is in charge of ten thousand husbands. He rises to the challenge and writes his own epic in a foreign country!

Dream catchers of Australian mines

In 2019, when Zhuo Jianwen first arrived in Australia, he headed into the BHP Billiton mining area. For three consecutive months, he ate and lived with the mining personnel every day. With first-hand information, he promoted the improvement of the GR3505 large-scale mining grader and started XCMG's development of high-end mining in Australia. The first shot on the market.

GR3505 in BHP Billiton mine

In 2020, he went to Australia for the customized project of Rio Tinto GR2605 high-end motor grader. In the past two years, his timely and efficient service has won the high praise of Rio Tinto company, and also laid the foundation for the further cooperation of GR5505.

The desert walker who runs thousands of miles

With XCMG's large-scale mining graders advancing rapidly in Australia, Zhuo Jianwen also faces greater challenges: in order to serve the 5 graders and 2 loaders in the mining area, he often has to walk several times without navigation. Hundreds of thousands of kilometers of mountain roads.

On-site maintenance of MMG GR2605 motor grader project

Maintenance site

For Christmas 2021, most of the mine workers will be on vacation. Zhuo Jianwen suddenly received front-line help and drove 500 kilometers to the scene alone. Under the high temperature of 55 degrees Celsius, he almost fainted, but he still gritted his teeth to complete the repair. Here, I represent the entire R&D service team of XCMG, and we must not lose the chain! "

His attentive service has won unanimous praise from Rio Tinto's operators and maintenance staff. Rio Tinto project director BJ said: "He was very supportive of our requests response, we call him 'Good mate'."

Pioneers in the Australian Aftermarket

With the deepening of XCMG's cooperation with local enterprises, after-market construction has become more important. Since 2020, Zhuo Jianwen has started to select the site and promoted the establishment of two spare parts warehouses in East, West and Australia, covering the whole country for spare parts support, so that customers have no worries.

Spare parts warehouse

Mine technical communication

The construction of the aftermarket further promotes a virtuous circle. With the improvement of market channels, Zhuo Jianwen began to travel to Perth, Sydney and other places to provide customers with more solid technical support.

GR5505 arrives in Australia

From serving users, improving products to expanding channels, Zhuo Jianwen has embarked on a multi-channel market development road from the mine, and has also grown into a professional product manager. In 2022, Rio Tinto's customized super-large mining grader GR5505 crossed the ocean and arrived in the Australian mining area. Zhuo Jianwen's Australian journey also ushered in a new chapter.

To create value for customers and provide construction solutions to the world, XCMG takes the glory of Made in China, chases the dream of the international stage, cuts the waves all the way, and moves forward firmly! Editor/He Yuting