The Belt and Road Humanities Story: Friendship on the Donkey

Seetao 2022-06-09 10:02
  • China State Grid Corporation of China undertakes the upgrading and reconstruction project of Egypt's 500 kV backbone network
  • This project can promote the development of the whole power industry in Egypt and even the whole Middle East
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The 500 kV backbone network upgrade and reconstruction project is currently the largest transmission line project in Egypt. The project was undertaken by China State Grid Corporation of China, and its subsidiary China Electric Power Technology and Equipment Co., Ltd. was responsible for the project survey and design, equipment supply and construction in a general contracting mode. After the completion of the project, the power output capacity of the gas-fired power station in the Nile Delta region will be greatly improved, and the safety of the overall grid structure of the Egyptian National Grid will be comprehensively enhanced, which is of great significance to promoting the rational utilization of local power energy.

Rainfall was once a major problem for project builders. Due to the lack of a formed drainage system, the rainy season in the Alexandria area is more humid and longer, with frequent rainfall and slippery ground, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the construction.

The foundation construction stage of the tie-bar formwork is just in time for the rainy season. Seeing that the completion node is about to be reached, the dirt road entering the site was soaked by the rain, and it was so muddy that it was impossible to pass the car. The soft mud road can only be opened to traffic, and the most optimistic estimate will take four or five days. In order to ensure the progress of the construction, the builders decided to move the materials manually.

Workers carry various building materials on their shoulders, dripping with mud, and shuttle between the entrance and the binding site. Although the nearby villagers could not understand why these workers were transporting materials in the mud, they saw their hard work and perseverance and offered to lend a helping hand. Dorje is one of them. On this day, he had just finished a part-time job and was idle at home, when he saw workers in blue uniforms and orange vests passing by the door again and again, their sweat-soaked work clothes stuck to their bodies. "I can help them." Dorje thought.

There was no car at home, and the car could not be driven on the slippery road, so Dorji and his younger brother put on their own donkey cart and came to the entrance in three slippery steps. The project team members were both surprised and pleasantly surprised when they learned that the two young men who were driving the donkey cart came to help voluntarily. After all, pulling a donkey cart is much more efficient than carrying a person for a day.

"Try to put those heavy and irregularly shaped materials on our car." Naduoji said to his brother, "In this way, they can carry the lighter ones without having to work so hard."

It was not until the donkey cart could fit in, that Dorjee checked the ropes, and his younger brother drove the donkey in front, and he pushed the cart behind the cart. On the road, the donkey often stumbled and the car swayed from side to side. The younger brother hurried to appease his donkey, and Dorje tried his best to keep the donkey cart from overturning. "Brother, our donkey has never pulled such a heavy thing and walked such a difficult road." The younger brother said. "Yeah, it's a great hero, and I'll treat it well in a while." Dorje said with a smile.

The two walked on the muddy road with one donkey and one foot, one by one, "ant moving" and "dirt road exploration". When other villagers saw the brothers helping to unload the truck, they also joined the transportation relay team. The mud road became more lively and busier. After walking down several times, everyone dragged several kilograms of mud on the soles of their shoes, but no one complained, and jokingly, the soles of the shoes were cleaner and fresher than others, and they could impart experience and give directions.

In this way, in the increasingly familiar atmosphere, with the cooperation of everyone, the construction materials were successfully unloaded ahead of schedule, shortening the construction period.

The "transport team" on the donkey cart and the "foreign aid team" in the rainy season have become an unforgettable warm story for the project team. Years later, these scenes are still deeply imprinted in the hearts of Chinese builders. This is the epitome of the solidarity, friendliness and sincerity of the Chinese and Egyptian people during the more than three years of construction. Today, the economy has developed, Naduoji has found a stable job, and his life has greatly improved. Keywords: One Belt One Road, One Belt One Road News, One Belt One Road Project

While bringing significant economic benefits to the local area, the project will promote the development of upstream and downstream industries such as power supply, electrical equipment, and raw materials in Egypt and even the Middle East; create about 7,000 local jobs in Egypt, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation between China and Egypt.Editor/XuNing