Yangqu Hydropower Station is filled to the design flood elevation

Seetao 2022-06-09 11:12
  • The total installed capacity is 1.2 million kilowatts, and the total storage capacity of the reservoir is 1.639 billion cubic meters
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On June 7, 2022, with the completion of the paving and rolling of the last truck of filling materials, the upstream cofferdam of the Yellow River Yangqu Hydropower Station, constructed and managed by the Yellow River Company, was successfully filled 23 days ahead of schedule to the designed flood elevation of 2,650 meters above sea level. Meeting the requirements of flood control and flood season marks that the construction of the Yangqu Hydropower Station has achieved another major node goal, laying the foundation for the power station to be put into production on schedule.

Yangqu Hydropower Station Project

Yangqu Hydropower Station is located on the main stream of the Yellow River at the junction of Xinghai County and Guinan County in Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province. It is a first-class (I) project. The total installed capacity of the power station is 1.2 million kilowatts, with an average annual power generation of 4.732 billion kilowatt-hours. The construction will officially start on December 26, 2021, and the closure and embankment will be realized on December 28. The first unit is scheduled to be put into operation in July 2024.

According to Sun Yujun, chief expert of the Yellow River Company, the Yangqu Hydropower Station is a major project of the State Power Investment Corporation, Qinghai Province and an important supporting power source for the 10 million kilowatt-level new energy base in Hainan. The project plans to build a clean energy control hub in Yangqu during the same period, which will help the Yellow River Basin. It plays an important role in high-quality development and the realization of the national 'two-carbon' goal.

"The cofferdam of Yangqu Hydropower Station is designed as a 4-level water retaining structure, and the water retaining standard is designed according to the 10-year flood. In order to prevent the influence of the instability of the slope in front of the weir and the damage caused by the surge, the top elevation of the upstream cofferdam is increased from 2645.7 meters to flood control. The design elevation of the flood season is 2,650 meters, making every effort to ensure the safety of the hydropower station during the flood season." said Zhang Fenghua, deputy director of the Engineering Department of the Engineering Construction Branch of the Yellow River Company.

The construction diversion of Yangqu Hydropower Station adopts upstream and downstream earth-rock cofferdams to hold water, foundation pits are constructed throughout the year, and diversion tunnels are used for drainage. The cofferdam project mainly includes the construction of the upstream and downstream cofferdam anti-seepage systems and the filling of the weir body. In order to effectively ensure the safety of the Yangqu Hydropower Station during the flood season, the Engineering Construction Branch of the Yellow River Company has fully implemented its main responsibilities, strived to overcome the impact of the epidemic, and took multiple measures to improve the entry and construction efficiency of personnel and equipment.

On-site symposiums are held from time to time to solve problems affecting the progress of the project as soon as possible; special construction measures are formulated to coordinate construction forces, and 12 impact drilling rigs have been invested in succession to ensure the orderly connection of construction on all working faces; the use of "white + black" Double shift operation mode improves construction efficiency...

In the face of many problems such as the large cross-operation interference on the construction site of the concrete seepage wall in the cofferdam filling, the key quality control of geomembrane welding and paving, and the night filling construction, the Engineering Construction Branch of the Yellow River Company organized the design unit, the supervision unit and the The construction unit took multiple measures, reversed the construction period, strictly implemented the "grid" management requirements, and made every effort to ensure the smooth construction of the concrete anti-seepage wall.

"Due to the narrow construction site of the downstream cofferdam, the simultaneous construction of multiple working faces, the intensive personnel and equipment, and the construction of the factory building and the slag discharge of the dam foundation pit have cross-operation effects, we optimized the construction plan, and made the road planning and layout in advance. Multiple cycles, efficient and smooth, ensure the progress of the reclamation." said Wang Xingyong, executive deputy director of the Yangqu Construction Bureau of the Fourth Bureau of Hydropower, the project participating unit.

As of June 7, the cofferdam of Yangqu Hydropower Station has completed a total of 554,000 cubic meters of earth and stone, which will effectively ensure the safety of flood control and flood control during the construction of the power station and the smooth progress of the main projects such as dams and workshops.

The canyon is steep and the dam is silent. The Yangqu Hydropower Station, the first power station in China to build clean energy with clean energy, is taking the step of "making persistent efforts to climb the peak" and continuing to sprint to the next great thing. Editor/He Yuting