Nanjiajiu, a Tibetan boy who sticks to Cambodia

Seetao 2022-06-09 14:40
  • Nanjiajiu is also a young generation of Tibetans in the motherland, and he sticks to overseas power stations
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"High mountains and forests, blue lakes, strong yaks, eagles spread their wings, Mom and Dad, I miss you..." Under the starry sky, in the camp of Ganzai Hydropower Station in Cambodia, Nan Jiajiu, a 26-year-old Tibetan boy, He sang the old song of his hometown.

In May 2018, Nanjiajiu, who walked out of the mountains and dense forests in Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, has been a dam guard for three years at the Maoergai Hydropower Station, which was passed by the Red Army's Long March. But he has always had a lingering idea in his mind, that is, to learn real operation and maintenance techniques and become an expert in the operation of hydropower stations. At this time, the olive branch extended from the Kamzai Hydropower Station in Cambodia made him carry his luggage. , go overseas. Nanjiajiu means "send you a ride" in Tibetan. Who would have thought that this "send you a ride" would take more than 4 years in a flash.

Nan Jiajiu, who was determined to learn technology, was assigned to the centralized control room of the hydropower station. "For the first time, facing the digital operating system, I was at a loss when I looked at the beating values and countless operation buttons." Nan Jiajiu admitted frankly.

From the Tibetan area to the mountains and then overseas, along the way, Nanjiajiu did not allow himself the slightest fear and retreat. Since then, the entire three major power plant operating procedures have been studied one by one, page by page, and have become the "spiritual food" that Nanjiajiu is inseparable from and cherished. Every time after get off work, Nanjiajiu will categorize the problems encountered, sort out the list, and check the information while asking the master for advice. Every time a problem is solved, he will tick the front. This habit Nanjiajiu has maintained to this day. .

"This is just like the Cordyceps sinensis in our Tibetan area. It has to go through a lot of tempering before it can transform. My grandmother told me that Cordyceps sinensis and Cordyceps sinensis are actually two different species. Only by combining the species, the precious medicinal herb Cordyceps sinensis can grow. This is just like my job. Only by being exposed to the outside world and having the courage to break through and challenge myself can I develop strong skills.” After just 7 months, Nanjiajiu was promoted. It is the youngest main value of the power station.

But new challenges followed. From 2019 to 2020, Ganzai Hydropower Station has undergone three important technical renovations in succession. Nanjiajiu believes that this is a rare learning opportunity. It is devoted to learning the technology on the spot, from the study of the pressure steel pipe venting scheme, to the installation and commissioning of the new butterfly valve, and then From the dismantling and installation test of the tail water cooler, Nanjiajiu learned while watching, and practiced while doing, and achieved another "transformation".

To this end, Nan Jiajiu gave up two opportunities to return to China for vacation. But the ensuing new crown pneumonia epidemic once again blocked Nanjiajiu's footsteps home. Without too much care, Nanjiajiu threw himself into a new battle.

Affected by the epidemic, the movement of personnel has been strictly restricted, which has also resulted in a shortage of on-site operation and maintenance personnel. "There is no good way. It's time to talk about dedication. We have regrouped all the people who can be employed, and implemented a 12-hour work system to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power station. The overall situation of social and economic development in Cambodia.” Nanjiajiu is deeply responsible. In order to make up for the shortage of personnel, the project company has also accelerated the pace of personnel training. Nan Jiajiu, who is already the backbone of the business, has also become an "old master" in the eyes of young people. In more than two years, he has brought out 5 outstanding principals on duty.

Kong Ming, a Cambodian employee, was also brought out by Nanjiajiu. "My Chinese teacher, in addition to business guidance, is also a good friend in life. He taught me Chinese, and I taught him Cambodian. We are more like brothers." Kong Ming commented.

With the joint efforts of Chinese and Cambodian employees, Kamzay Hydropower Station in Cambodia has been running safely and stably for more than 3,800 days, with a cumulative power transmission of 4.3 billion kWh, making it the hydropower station with the longest safe operation time in Cambodia.

In the past four years, although he was far away from his motherland, he was fortunately accompanied by Chinese and Cambodian colleagues, which relieved Nanjiajiu's homesickness. But in the dead of night, Nan Jiajiu's heart couldn't help but fly back to the Tibetan area, to the side of Apa and Ama.

"I heard from my father and mother that the changes in our Tibetan area are great now. With the help of the country's targeted poverty alleviation policy, every village has passed a hard road, and developed a characteristic breeding industry and Tibetan medicine industry. After embarking on the road to becoming rich, our Kalong Valley has also become a well-known 'Little Jiuzhaigou', I really want to go back and have a look." Nan Jiajiu also misses his girlfriend. For more than 4 years, his girlfriend has been with him. The two talk about their love through video calls every day. Nan Jiajiu told his girlfriend that when I go back, we will get married... Keywords: Belt and Road, Belt and Road news , The Belt and Road Project, Humanities News

"My baby name is 'Deng Zhen', which is similar to 'Ding Zhen' in Litang, Ganzi, Sichuan, which was hit by fire two years ago. We are all the younger generation of Tibetans in the motherland. He became a cultural tourism ambassador to promote his hometown. Famous electrician, sticking to overseas power plants and bringing light to the Cambodian people, is promoting our Belt and Road and promoting our Chinese culture..."Editor/XuNing