Looking forward to better development of China-Philippines diplomacy

Seetao 2022-06-09 15:57
  • In 2002, the Philippine government declared June 9 every year as the Philippine-China Friendship Day
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On June 8, 2022, Philippine President-elect Ferdinand Romoldz Marcos delivered a video speech at an online event held by the Philippine-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, wishing the 21st Philippine-China Friendship Day.

Marcos said in the video that the friendship between China and the Philippines has a long history. Continuing the friendly relationship between the two countries will bring huge benefits to the two peoples, which is conducive to exchanges in trade, art, culture and sports, as well as maintaining regional peace. Peace and stability can also create employment opportunities for people on both sides.

Marcos said that China has provided generous assistance during the epidemic in the Philippines, and the cooperation between the two countries will continue to reach new heights. He said that the future of Philippine-China relations is promising, and he expects the two countries to achieve more achievements not only in diplomatic relations but also in various aspects, and the friendship between the Philippines and China will continue to develop.Editor/Ma Xue