Shaanxi dry boat pumped storage power station project signed

Seetao 2022-06-12 11:57
  • The initial installed capacity of the power station is 1.4 million kilowatts, and the total static investment is about 8.4 billion yuan
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On June 10, 2022, China Railway 12th Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and Xixiang County Party Committee and County People's Government of Shaanxi Province signed a contract for the Shanchuan Cao pumped-storage power station project in Xixiang County, Shaanxi Province, marking the company's major breakthrough in the field of new energy development. Jiang Shenghuang, Deputy General Manager, Chief Accountant, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of China Railway 12th Bureau, Li Daibin, Secretary of Xixiang County Party Committee, Qiu Hongsheng, Director of the County People's Congress, Wang Yazhen, County Mayor, and Zhu Xiaoping, Chairman of the County Political Consultative Conference attended the signing ceremony and jointly witnessed the signing of the two parties. , Li Di, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and General Manager of the Northwest Regional Headquarters of China Railway 12th Bureau, signed the contract on behalf of the group company.

signing ceremony

The Xixiang Kanchuan-cao pumped-storage power station project undertaken by China Railway 12th Bureau is located in Xixiang County, Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province. The initial installed capacity of the power station is 1.4 million kilowatts, and the total static investment is about 8.4 billion yuan. It is composed of lower reservoir, water delivery system, underground powerhouse and switch station, and supplementary water buildings. After the project is completed, it will mainly serve the Shaanxi power grid, and will undertake tasks such as peak regulation, valley filling, energy storage, frequency regulation, phase regulation, and backup of the Shaanxi power grid, further optimize the layout of the 330kV power grid in Shaanxi, and improve the peak regulation capacity and rapid development of the power system. Response ability, continuously improve the power supply quality of the power grid, and maintain the safe, stable and economical operation of the power grid.

Accelerating the layout of the new energy field and actively developing the pumped storage business are the urgent needs of enterprises to adapt to the construction of new power systems and the development of large-scale and high-proportion new energy sources. and” target strategic initiatives. In recent years, China Railway 12th Bureau has continued to increase the operation and brand building of water conservancy, hydropower and new energy projects. With more than 120 projects, etc., it has gradually grown into a construction powerhouse in the field of water conservancy, hydropower and new energy construction. It has a complete industrial chain of scientific research, planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance, investment and financing, and has the ability to provide one-stop comprehensive services. This signing will further promote the enterprise to integrate into the national new energy construction pattern, continue to improve the special construction capacity of water conservancy and hydropower, and comprehensively assist the high-quality development of the enterprise. Keywords: engineering news, engineering construction, engineering construction information

The Northwest Regional Headquarters of China Railway 12th Bureau, relevant personnel of the fourth company, members of the leadership team of Xixiang County, and heads of relevant functional departments of Xixiang County attended the signing ceremony.  Editor/Zhao E