Jiangsu Lianyungang China-Europe Railway Express has exceeded 4,500 trips

Seetao 2022-06-13 15:32
  • Lianyungang is one of the first coastal cities in China to open to the outside world
  • Lianyungang covers major ports in the Belt and Road countries such as South Africa, Southwest America, and the Middle East, and was selected as the first batch of national logistics hubs during the 14th Five-Year Plan.
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The total number of port routes has reached 83, the number of China-Europe freight trains has exceeded 4,500, and the transit volume has taken the lead in the country, ranking among the "Third City of Taobao Live Streaming in China"... On the morning of June 13, 2022, the Information Office of the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government held a "Endeavour New City". "Jiangsu Jiangong New Era" series of themed press conferences - special session on reform and opening up. At the press conference, Yang Xinzhong, member of the Standing Committee of Lianyungang Municipal Party Committee and executive vice mayor, introduced the achievements of Lianyungang's reform and opening up.

land-sea transport channel

Lianyungang is one of the first coastal cities in China to open to the outside world, and it is also a place where the two opening-up opportunities of the Belt and Road Initiative and the Pilot Free Trade Zone meet. Yang Xinzhong said that Lianyungang insists on promoting reform through opening up, boosting opening through reform, stimulating motivation, empowering innovation, speeding up the construction of a strong fulcrum for the Belt and Road Initiative, striving to build a new highland for reform and opening up, and striving to promote the formation of domestic and international circulation as the main body, domestic and international Courageously explore and make contributions to the new development pattern in which the dual cycle promotes each other.

The port is the core resource of Lianyungang's open development. At present, the total number of port routes has reached 83, covering the ports of major countries along the Belt and Road routes such as the Persian Gulf in the Middle East, the southwest of the United States, and South Africa, connecting 13 sea-rail intermodal transport channels and inland ports in Sulu, Henan, and Anhui. In 2021, the cargo throughput will be 280 million tons and the container volume will be 5.04 million TEUs. Selected as the first batch of national logistics hubs in the "14th Five-Year Plan".

High-standard construction of China-Kazakhstan (Lianyungang) logistics cooperation base. Since the start of production in 2015, a total of 1.56 million TEUs have been completed, of which 110,000 TEUs have been completed in the first five months of 2022, a year-on-year increase of 38.9%. The construction of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (Lianyungang) International Logistics Park will be promoted from a high starting point. Special railways and loading and unloading stations will be put into operation. The logistics volume will be 110 million tons, of which 24.85 million tons will be completed in the first five months of 2022, a year-on-year increase of 44%. Since the approval of the Lianyungang area of the China (Jiangsu) Pilot Free Trade Zone in 2019, 115 institutional innovations with Lianyungang characteristics have been formed.

Lianyungang's shipping volume leads China

The China Railway Express is an important part of the joint construction of the Belt and Road. Up to now, the number of Lianyungang China-Europe freight trains has exceeded 4,500, with a cumulative volume of 399,000 TEUs, of which the transit volume leads the country.

According to reports, the China-Europe freight train has achieved full coverage of major stations in Central Asia with the help of four transit ports, Alashankou, Horgos, Erenhot and Kashgar, to Turkey, Poland, Germany, Japan-China-Mongolia, China-Gyria-Ukraine and other train lines. Stable operation, 331 trains will be opened in the first five months of 2022, a year-on-year increase of 45%, and the full load rate will basically reach 100%. Keywords: One Belt One Road, One Belt One Road News, One Belt One Road Project

Yang Xinzhong said that in order to improve the operation quality and efficiency of China-Europe freight trains, Lianyungang focused on building 6 high-quality freight lines, covering 104 international freight stations. The categories of transported goods have been expanded to various types of goods such as building materials, household appliances, electromechanical, grain, and minerals, forming international multimodal transport modes such as sea-rail combined transport, rail-air combined transport, and rail-road combined transport. At the same time, we have developed an intelligent supervision platform for multimodal transport along the Belt and Road, and innovatively implemented the “bonded + export” hybrid model and the “direct pick-up by ship and vehicle” model with zero waiting. At present, after the international transit train arrives at Lianyungang, it can be directly unloaded and shunted to the site. Station loading and delivery, the overall transit efficiency is increased by 75%, and the enterprise cost is reduced by 60%. In the next step, we will actively strive for the support of the train dispatch plan and planned trains, continuously expand new channels, new sources of goods and new projects, and improve the competitiveness of international trains.Editor/XuNing