Chinese symbols in the eyes of the Zambian people

Seetao 2022-06-14 10:38
  • The Art Exhibition of China's Assistance to Zambia's Infrastructure Construction was held in the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Memorial Park
  • 28 painters participated in the exhibition, and their works were all taken from Chinese-aided construction projects
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A few days ago, an art exhibition and award ceremony with the theme of "China Helps Zambia's Infrastructure Construction" was held at the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Memorial Park in Zambia. The event was hosted by the Zambia-China Friendship Association and co-organized by China Civil Engineering Zambia Company. Elijah Muchima, Minister of Land and Natural Resources of Zambia, and Lai Bo, Minister Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Zambia, attended the event.

A total of 28 local Zambian painters participated in the event. The paintings included oil paintings, sketches and watercolors, etc. All the works on display were taken from Chinese-aided projects or projects undertaken by Chinese enterprises, showing Chinese elements and China in the eyes of the artists from different perspectives. The strength reflects the important role played by Chinese-aided projects and projects undertaken by Chinese enterprises in Zambia's economy, culture, health and education.

During the event, Elijah Muchma affirmed the high-quality construction level of China's civil engineering and praised the important role played by the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Memorial Park in promoting the people of the two countries to remember the history and enhance the traditional friendship. He hoped that there will be more The Zambian people walked into the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Memorial Park to learn about the history of the Tanzania-Zambia Railway, and called on people to learn from the builders of the Tanzania-Zambia Railway and create a better life through hard work.

As the builder of the Tanzania-Zambia Railway and the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Memorial Park, China Civil Engineering and Engineering will continue to implement the Belt and Road Initiative, and on the basis of inheriting the Tanzania-Zambia Railway spirit of "shared development, common destiny, love without boundaries, and courageous responsibility", it will continue to carry forward The enterprise spirit of "diligence, integrity, and tenacity", never forgetting the original intention, living up to the mission, constructing and operating various projects with high quality, and contributing to the local development.Editor/XuNing