Mentors and apprentices on a construction site in Egypt

Seetao 2022-06-14 13:52
  • After graduating from Khalid University, he joined the Egyptian power grid renovation project team
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Khalid, a young Egyptian employee on the transmission line project, joined the project team after graduating from university. From the initial logistics of purchasing ingredients and office supplies to the subsequent measurement and coordination of basic construction, Khalid and Chinese employees worked hard and shared weal and woe. In getting along day and night, Khalid has learned some Chinese, and his favorite saying is: "Working with Chinese people makes me grow up."

Like Khalid, when Adidas first arrived at the construction site, apart from her strength and diligence, she knew nothing about project construction. But the Chinese masters did not let them go because of the language barrier and zero foundation. Instead, they taught him the technical operations of foundation construction, such as plastering, tying steel bars, supporting formwork, vibrating... Every process, the masters did not tire of it. Demonstrate, explain. Adidas also practiced repeatedly and asked questions if they didn’t understand, and now they have become a skilled all-rounder.

When he became the class leader, other Egyptian workers were very envious of Adida's craftsmanship and high wages, and he always told the workers sincerely: "I can earn more money now because my Chinese masters have nothing to do with it. It has taught me the real technique. You can also ask for advice at any time, and the masters will be very enthusiastic to guide and demonstrate until you learn it. As long as you think more and practice more, you will soon be like me, and you will be able to learn a skill. and earn higher wages.”

There are many Habibies like Khalid, Adidas, etc. in the project department. They not only promoted the completion of the project tasks, but also changed their lives and added new footnotes to the Sino-Egyptian friendship.Editor/XuNing