Zhu Shijie's self-created bridge crane operation method

Seetao 2022-06-15 15:28
  • The accuracy rate of the boxes managed by Zhu Shijie increased from 72.6% to 79.68%
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Ningbo Zhoushan Port is the largest port in the world in terms of cargo throughput. In 2021, it will complete a cargo throughput of 1.224 billion tons, ranking first in the world for 13 consecutive years. This impressive performance is inseparable from the hard work of countless port workers.

Zhu Shijie, the driver of the bridge crane in Zhoushan Port, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, the leader of the bridge crane shift team, and a national model worker. Engaged in bridge crane operation for more than 20 years, he created his own Zhu Shijie bridge crane operation method, which improved the operation efficiency of traditional bridge cranes.

In the bridge crane cab with a height of more than 40 meters and a size of 8 square meters, Zhu Shijie lowered his head and skillfully operated the handles and buttons on the console. , the loading and unloading of a container is completed.

In 2003, a set of stable, accurate and fast bridge crane operation method was born: the new operation method can stabilize the swing-like spreader and cargo in only two steps, and accurately fall to the designated position, compared with the old one. The operation method saves more than half of the time. In order to help the apprentices improve their skills, in 2006, Zhu Shijie began to write a manual to organize the bridge crane operation skills he studied into a systematic operation method, and the Zhu Shijie Bridge Crane Operation Method named after him was also born.Editor/Ma Xue