The Saudi NGCP project also has a small tiger team

Seetao 2022-06-15 16:22
  • Wang Xiaoping, Xie Wugang and Liu Dong dedicated their youth to the Saudi NGCP project
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The Little Tigers, a Taiwanese male idol group, the post-70s and post-80s must be familiar with the name Little Tigers. There are also three young people in the Saudi NGCP project. They did not perform on the cool stage, but showed their talents and dedicated their youth in the harsh construction of the Saudi project, which triggered a trend among the project youth team. , the trio was naturally given the name of the Little Tigers.

Thunder tiger Wang Xiaoping

Wang Xiaoping, manager of the construction department of the Saudi NGCP project, from Yumen, Gansu, walks with wind. He walks around the key construction sites almost every day. Whether it is a station or a pipeline construction site, he can always be seen moving fast, or a cat walking over a pipe, or crossing a pipe ditch. It's about picking up the pace to keep up with him. As soon as he stopped, he quickly explained the problems found at the scene and the rectification measures to be implemented to the relevant person in charge.

Anyone who has done engineering knows that only by going deep into the site and seeing what they are doing can they know the real situation of the construction site well and truly know what difficulties exist in the construction, such as permitting, safety, weather, hoisting, material supply, resource allocation, etc. The problem can be grasped dynamically at any time, and only by knowing it well can the construction progress be effectively promoted.

In order to find out the on-site situation of the project, the young man in the construction department said that Wang Xiaoping has a pair of "iron feet". He runs the site during the day, handles emails at night, and puts the meeting on the site. The problems that can be solved on site will never be brought back to the office. Problems to be dealt with should never be put off until tomorrow. With a bit of tenacity, the hot joints of 3 stations and 1 gathering and transportation station in the Harad area have been completed successively.

Whether a project is done well or not depends on the benefits. Wang Xiaoping always maintains a clear "housekeeping account of diligence and thrift" in his mind, which requires careful calculation of the "iron abacus".

The Saudi Arabian NGCP project has many sites and wide areas, and the daily operation permit is the highlight. If the permit is not obtained, the entire unit will be faced with slack work, the construction plan of the day cannot be completed, and the major goal of completing the main welding on schedule cannot be achieved. According to the actual situation, Wang Xiaoping proposed a foreign employee training model of "one specialization and multiple abilities", requiring the crew leader to obtain the qualification of a permitting officer, which not only saves the investment of human resources, but also prevents the crew leader and permitting officer from not being able to keep an eye on the construction progress.

Inspired by the training model of "one specialization and multiple abilities", foreign employees took the initiative to study, and their enthusiasm for "one specialization and multiple abilities" was ignited. There are constantly people working outside their own posts and have obtained Aramco qualification certificates such as crane workers and scaffolding inspectors, which not only effectively alleviates the shortage of human resources in the project, but also broadens the channels for the rapid growth of foreign employees.

Wang Xiaoping also took the pulse from the aspects of target cost management, construction resource allocation, cost incentive and restraint mechanism and construction site management, looked for management loopholes and shortcomings, developed targeted "good recipes", and implemented specific rectification measures to each employee.The measures are calculated according to the cost, and the cost is reduced from the source by optimizing the construction plan and increasing the construction measures.

Wang Xiaoping, who has been engaged in the construction of front-line pipelines for nearly 18 years, has a dark face caused by the severe cold and heat. In the face of construction and management, he is "the most serious and the most disciplined". Many employees who have worked with him know his temper and have zero tolerance for quality, safety, "low, old, bad" issues. In the long run, many employees call him an unselfish "iron-faced gentleman".

However, such an "iron-faced gentleman" has always maintained a tenderness towards the lives of employees.

Project employee Xiao Zeng has been working in the project for 9 consecutive months. He is 26 years old and has no girlfriend yet. Whenever he receives a call from his parents to urge marriage, Xiao Zeng is too busy to cope with his parents. The civil engineering unit and the first-level hoisting and hoisting that Xiao Zeng was in charge of could not stop for a moment, and Xiao Zeng couldn't open his mouth to ask for leave. Wang Xiaoping saw it in his eyes and took it to heart.

"Xiao Zeng, hurry up and sort out your work at hand and hand it over to me. Go back to China for vacation as soon as possible. There is me and everyone at the scene. You don't need to worry about the construction site. Go back and spend time with your family and settle the marriage. We are still waiting. Let's eat candy." What Ling Xiaozeng didn't expect was that before he could speak, Wang Xiaoping had already allowed him to leave.

Providing growth channels for foreign employees and giving employees "annual leave" are just a microcosm of Wang Xiaoping's care for front-line employees. Thinking about what employees think and worrying about what employees are worried about, he warms the hearts of employees with practical actions, which effectively enhances the sense of belonging and happiness of employees. All the sacrifices are only for his original intention to devote himself to pipeline construction in the first place. As a pipeline person born in the 1980s, he knows that there is a long way to go, and he will continue to lead the team to continue to play his own light and heat in the pipeline construction front line.

Xiaoshuaihu Xie Wugang

Xie Wugang, deputy manager of the project construction department, a native of Hunan, walks with a straight waist, big eyes, white skin, and thick hair. He was once recognized as a handsome guy in the project. Since he came to the overseas project, it may be because the soil and water in foreign countries do not support people, or because the work is too hard, the face is tanned, and the hairline is constantly moving up. "It's good to have a bald head, at least it's cool."

Xie Wugang's handsomeness lies in his daring to constantly meet new challenges. Since he graduated from university, he has been engaged in anticorrosion of pipelines and storage tanks in China. Since joining the Saudi Arabian NGCP project, he has been arranged to manage the process installation of the station. Facing a brand new field of work, he did not complain, but increased his fighting spirit. He started with drawings and materials, and consulted foreign engineers if he didn't understand anything. Easy to do.

Later, due to the change of personnel in the construction department and other reasons, he took over the work of civil engineering and telecommunication equipment in the Javea area of the entire project. At present, the stations in the Havia area are entering the critical moment of finishing and debugging, and the challenges are huge, but Xie Wugang's character is that the more difficult it is, the more forward it is, the more difficult it is, the more forward it is.

Xie Wugang's handsomeness lies in his daring to face the owner's doubts. At the beginning of the shutdown of the Harvea Gas Gathering Station, which is known as the "heart" of Harvea, the owner's project management team and the operation department all pointed fingers at CPP's construction arrangements, accusing another famous contractor in the The problems in the 2019 cessation of losses and losses expressed concern about the completion of the construction by CPP on schedule.

At the beginning, in order to maintain the relationship with the owner, he has been calmly explaining to the owner. When he found that the owner could not be satisfied no matter how to explain or do it, he turned on the "straightforward" mode: "First, our plan has been sent to you for review in advance, and you have not put forward any comments; second, our progress is ahead of schedule; third, as far as I know, the famous contractor you advertised stopped work for a week in 2019 due to insufficient material preparation; finally, please trust me, I will definitely finish all the work ahead of schedule."

Under Xie Wugang's bean-like explanation, the owner was at a loss for words, and finally agreed to the request to stop losing. Facts have also proved that this stop-loss streak was completed 20 days earlier than the window period given by the owner. Xie Wugang's "resentment" not only did not exchange for the dissatisfaction of the owners, but instead won their respect.

The handsomeness of Xie Wugang is also reflected in the unity and good use of the foreign employees of the project. Foreign employees of NGCP account for the vast majority of project members. Only by mobilizing the enthusiasm of foreign employees can the project run more smoothly. On the contrary, foreign employees will create a lot of trouble. To this end, he often uses various opportunities to communicate with foreign employees, find ways to meet their reasonable demands, solve some of their personal difficulties, and compare their hearts with each other, so that they can constantly feel the warmth of the CPP "big family". All of this has brought many foreign employees in different positions to shine for the project and ensure the smooth operation of the project.

Xie Wugang also had times when he couldn't be "handsome". When he faced his family, especially his son, he felt a little ashamed. Since his son was born in 2014, he has missed important moments in overseas projects: his first birthday, entering kindergarten, entering first grade... Looking back on the past, the author sees that his eyes are red.

cute tiger liu dong

Liu Dong, manager of the QA/QC department of the project, a man from the northwest, with a slightly "nasal" pronunciation unique to people from northern Shaanxi, he is slightly fat, and in his own words is "overworked and fat", "Don't grow any longer, It grows into a winter melon. Eh (me) Liu Dong's east has to be changed to a winter melon..."

Three years ago, Liu Dong, who had worked in African projects for seven years, chose to enter the "high-end" project to improve himself. When he came to Saudi Arabia, he was fortunate to join the NGCP project, the largest project under construction in Saudi Arabia, and entered the core department of the project department. When he came into contact with Saudi Aramco's program documents the first day, he was completely blinded. None of the previous experience in Africa was used.

"Start by being familiar with the owner's program files." The reminder from the project leader gave him a breakthrough - to understand the program files as soon as possible. He fumbled to "get familiar with the program files" while driving the night car while handling his daily work. After a month of "honest" study, he literally memorized the contents of more than 60 pages of program files.

Don't look at his slow speech, talking about standards with the owner, often throwing off the image of "good boy", and challenging "authority" many times.

With the familiarity with the standards and examples of various measures for the management of alloy materials in the project, the owner was finally persuaded to reduce the number of points for analysis of the material composition after welding of the process alloy pipe from 3 to 1.

The owner required more than 14 inches of process pipe and steel structure contact, and arc plates must be welded at each support point. By consulting the process tube design standard and the drawing of the arc plate construction standard, he found that the appropriate adjustment of the arc plate span can also meet the requirements, reducing the total amount of arc plates by one-third.

In the event of a rework of the expansion welding joint, the owner originally stipulated that the welding completion joint would be traced indefinitely. Liu Dong, who is familiar with Aramco's standards, recited the relevant standards and regulations on the spot, and sternly pointed out that the standard welding junction filming ratio on the program document is limited to the output of the day, and the owner can only "do it".

Every time "very truthful, dispute", in exchange for the saving of project construction time and labor costs, this is the source of Liu Dong's "bad behavior".

In June 2021, just the day after the vacation arrived at the project, Liu Dong was notified to go to the Saudi heavy oil project to deal with the closing of the final project. For Liu Dong, the quality management of the NGCP project is already very heavy, and the closing of the last item involves a wide range of aspects. The most important thing is to have a good understanding of the project implementation process... He didn't allow him to think too much, and he could only "obediently" take over the task first.

During the month of working on the heavy oil project, he participated in the handling of hundreds of quality and construction problems in terms of technology, civil engineering, and anti-corrosion. It was this experience that gave him a deeper understanding of the relationship between quality and construction.

In May 2022, at the Harad GGM construction site, during the excavation of a foundation pit, three pipelines passed through, and there was an overhead cable above. Considering that there was a large foundation pit next to this foundation pit , and the depth is the same, he thought about connecting the two foundation pits, and using the fluidity of the concrete to pour the two foundation pits at one time, avoiding the construction under the cable. On the one hand, he asked to protect the cable and lift it up to facilitate the formwork. On the other hand, he proposed this plan to the owner, and once again persuaded the owner with a clear attitude, so that the construction could be carried out smoothly.

He is the good son of his parents when he treats his family, and the "warm man" in the mouth of his wife. But a few years ago, one of his actions made his wife burst into tears.

His wife lived in Langfang with her several-month-old son, and the elderly on both sides were not around. As a result, during the physical examination, his wife had some health problems. The wife said this in a video chat with Liu Dong, and originally hoped that Liu Dong would come back to accompany her for treatment as soon as possible. But at that time, it was in the period of the project, and the domestic vacation of colleagues in the department was not over. In addition, due to the impact of the epidemic, it was "hard to get a single vote" when returning to China. He could only tell his wife about the real difficulties. The wife understood his situation, but she still cried on the other end of the phone.

Liu Dong repeatedly told the author, don't write this sentimental paragraph, in fact, these are the normal life for oil people who work overseas.

There are still many oil people like them who stick to overseas. It is their perseverance and perseverance that can compose the heroic song "I donate oil for the motherland"! Editor/He Yuting