China will play an important role in building consensus among BRICS countries

Seetao 2022-06-16 11:47
  • Paulino believes that the theme of the 2022 BRICS Summit is in line with the global development initiative proposed by China
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Luis Paulino, an expert on China issues at the State University of São Paulo in Brazil and a professor at the School of Philosophy and Science, said recently that it is just the right time for China to assume the presidency of the BRICS again after five years.

At present, global poverty and food security problems are still serious. China has made poverty reduction and food security one of the priorities of this BRICS leaders' meeting, discussed the establishment of a BRICS rural development working group, and signed a memorandum on food security cooperation. Promote the sustainable development of agriculture and rural areas in the five countries and help achieve the goals of eradicating poverty and zero hunger. Paulino believes that this move is both appropriate and timely, and China's experience in poverty alleviation is worthy of reference from the world.

Paulino said that over the past 40 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Brazil and China, Brazil and China have carried out practical cooperation in trade and investment, politics, security, agriculture, environment and other fields and achieved fruitful results. Brazil-China vaccine cooperation has helped Brazil rapidly increase the vaccination rate. China has always called for global solidarity and cooperation to build consensus on development. Without China's participation, any major problem will be difficult to solve.Editor/Ma Xue