Yushen Yuheng 2 × 350MW cogeneration project started flat

Seetao 2022-06-16 15:30
  • After the project is completed and put into operation, it will further improve the utilization rate of resources
  • At that time, it will meet the power load growth needs of Yulin area and Shaanxi Province
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On June 14, 2022, the key project promotion meeting of Yushen Coal and Electricity Company and the groundbreaking ceremony of the Yushen Yuheng 2×350MW cogeneration project site were held at the project site.

According to reports, the Yushen Yuheng 2×350MW cogeneration project is a key construction project in the 14th Five-Year Plan of Shaanxi Province and Yulin City. China has simultaneously implemented carbon dioxide capture, storage and comprehensive utilization (CCUS), distributed photovoltaic and molten salt energy storage systems on the roof, and reserved conditions for expansion. At the same time, it also built a 60MW wind power station and a 260MW photovoltaic project to actively promote clean energy consumption. Promote the coordinated development of multiple energy sources.

Deputy Secretary and General Manager of the Party Committee of Yushen Coal and Electricity Company, Secretary of the Party Branch and Chairman of Southwest Thermal Power Company Wang Yuming attended the ceremony and announced the start of construction. Wang Yuming pointed out that the Yushen Yuheng 2×350MW cogeneration project, as an important livelihood project planned and constructed by the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, is a key construction project in Shaanxi Province and Yulin City in 2022, and is also a key promotion project of Yushen Coal and Electricity Company. He demanded that it is necessary to further improve ideological understanding, strengthen responsibility, focus on key links, focus on important nodes, reverse construction schedules, fight on wall charts, promote efficient, high-level management, and high-quality construction, to ensure that the established goals and tasks are completed on schedule, and help The company has transformed and upgraded with high-quality development.

The representatives of various construction units and construction supervision units said that they will coordinate the project construction and safety, quality and progress in accordance with the requirements of the engineering design and construction units, and make every effort to promote the pace of project construction, so that the project will be completed, put into production, and create benefits as soon as possible. Unremitting struggle for social and economic development! Editor/He Yuting