Chen Miner and Hu Henghua met with Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany

Seetao 2022-06-17 09:47
  • Chen Miner said that he hopes to further deepen cooperation in areas such as intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet
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On June 15, 2022, Chen Miner, Secretary of Chongqing Municipal Party Committee, and Hu Henghua, Deputy Secretary of Chongqing Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, met with Liang Wengen, Chairman of Sany Group, and his delegation. Xiang Wenbo, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, Zhou Fugui, chairman of Sany Heavy Energy, and city leaders Zhang Hongxing, Luo Lin and Zheng Xiangdong participated.

On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Chen Min'er and Hu Henghua welcomed Liang Wengen and his party to deepen cooperation in Chongqing, and expressed their gratitude to Sany Group for their strong support for Chongqing's development. Chen Miner said that the manufacturing industry is the foundation of Chongqing's economic development, and the real economy is the foundation for building future advantages. We adhere to the high-end, intelligent and green development direction, focus on the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries on the one hand, and the development and growth of strategic emerging industries on the other, cultivate a number of advanced manufacturing clusters, and accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system. Promote the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy, vigorously develop the industrial Internet platform, continuously improve the industrial chain, smooth the supply chain, enhance the value chain, and accelerate the creation of an important intelligent manufacturing town and a famous intelligent city. Sany Group is a leading enterprise in the construction machinery industry, and has a high strategic fit and solid foundation for cooperation with Chongqing. It is hoped to further expand the layout in Chongqing and deepen cooperation in areas such as intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet.

Liang Wengen thanked Chongqing for its strong support for Sany Group's development in Chongqing. He said that Sany Group's projects in Chongqing are progressing smoothly and developing rapidly, and will continue to take Chongqing as the focus of its strategic layout, expand and strengthen existing projects, continuously expand new cooperation, and make positive contributions to Chongqing's economic and social development.Editor/Ma Xue