Yunyan District CCCC Renmin Avenue Urban Complex Project Bidding

Seetao 2022-06-17 14:04
  • The construction area of ​​the project is about 125,000 square meters, and the total investment of the project is 6.5 billion yuan
  • The planned duration of this project is 1170 calendar days, of which the design duration is 300 calendar days and the construction duration is 1080 calendar days
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On June 15, 2022, Guiyang Public Resource Trading Center released the bidding announcement for the general contracting of the design and construction of the south side of Area A of the CCCC Renmin Avenue Urban Complex Project in Yunyan District, Guiyang. Urban Renewal Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 6.5 billion yuan.

Project Overview

The project is located in Yunyan District, Guiyang City, with Beijing Road in the north, Huancheng North Road and Yongle Road in the south, and Ruijin North Road in the west. The construction scale of the project includes residential buildings, bottom commercial buildings, kindergartens, basements, and public buildings, with a construction area of about 125,000 square meters. The planned construction period is 1170 calendar days, of which the design period is 300 calendar days and the construction period is 1080 calendar days.

Bidding Scope: Design Bidding Scope: All design contents within the scope of this project include but are not limited to: building, structure, foundation pit and slope support, curtain wall and doors and windows, decoration, water supply and drainage, electrical, HVAC, fire protection, civil air defense, Full professional design tasks such as gas, weak electricity, elevator, landscape, municipal administration, etc. and cooperate with submission for review. Scope of construction bidding: including but not limited to earthwork engineering, foundation pit support engineering, foundation engineering, civil engineering, curtain wall and door and window engineering, indoor and outdoor decoration engineering, water supply and drainage engineering, power supply and lighting engineering, HVAC engineering, fire engineering, civil air defense All contents shown in the construction drawings of engineering, gas engineering, weak current engineering, elevator engineering, landscape and municipal works until completion acceptance, overall handover, defect repair within the quality defect liability period and other related work. Keywords: engineering news, engineering construction information, engineering construction

Acquisition and submission of tender documents

Anyone who intends to participate in the bidding, please log in to the website of Guiyang Public Resources Trading Center to download the bidding documents and related materials from June 16, 2022 to July 5, 2022. Deadline for submitting documents: 09:30 on July 06, 2022. Editor/Zhao E