Hunan Construction Machinery Helps the Belt and Road Construction

Seetao 2022-06-17 14:23
  • The Belt and Road is inseparable from the great power, and Hunan construction machinery has become an important export product
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Recently, the sixth meeting of the Hunan Provincial Leading Group for Promoting the Belt and Road Initiative and International Capacity Cooperation announced that Hunan has actively promoted the Belt and Road Initiative and international capacity cooperation and achieved remarkable results. The Belt and Road Initiative has become an important position for Hunan to stabilize foreign trade. The reporter learned that there are listed construction machinery companies represented by Sany Heavy Industry, Railway Construction Heavy Industry, and Zoomlion. Cooperate closely with countries and regions related to the Belt and Road Initiative, participate in the construction of important projects, and contribute to the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative and international production capacity cooperation.

Hunan takes multiple measures to stabilize foreign trade

Hunan is a highland in the inland area of opening up to the outside world. In 2021, Hunan's total import and export volume will be nearly 600 billion yuan, an increase of 2.2 times compared with the beginning of the "13th Five-Year Plan". It has established economic and trade exchanges with 227 countries and regions. Hunan launched a number of measures from April to May, covering finance and taxation, logistics, employment, epidemic prevention, customs clearance, etc., to promote cooperation between high-quality enterprises in Hunan and countries and regions related to the Belt and Road Initiative, and to deeply participate in the construction of local industrial chains. At present, the EPC project of Kamala Nyugam Cable-Stayed Bridge in the Philippines has officially started construction, and major projects such as the Rajshahi Surface Water Treatment Plant in Bangladesh and the tire plant in Pakistan have been launched one after another. Overseas projects such as Hunan Industrial Park and Côte d'Ivoire Rubber Factory are progressing steadily.

In order to open up the passage to the sea, Hunan has also actively opened the China-Europe freight train. In 2021, there will be 1,072 China-Europe freight trains starting from Hunan, with a value of about 3 billion US dollars; Expand the capacity of Yueyang Chenglingji Port. On June 11, the international freight train from Huaihua International Land Port Jingzhou to Beibu Gulf Port departed for Guangxi Beibu Gulf Port. This class is the first county-level freight train at Huaihua International Land Port in Hunan, and it is also the first county-level international freight train in Hunan. . A total of 40 standard containers of this international train were dispatched from Jingzhou Station. It is expected to arrive at Tieshan Port in 2 days. The subsequent cargo will be shipped to Singapore and other countries to support the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative and international production capacity cooperation.

Enterprises are busy with the construction of the Belt and Road

The Belt and Road construction and international production capacity cooperation are inseparable from the great powers, and construction machinery has become the primary export product. For the past few days, Hunan construction machinery listed companies have worked overtime to send sharp weapons to employees who are fighting overseas.

On the far west coast of Africa, dozens of Sany rotary drilling rigs are actively participating in the construction of pile foundations for the Simandou railway project in Guinea. After the completion of the Guinea-Simandou Railway, it will become an important transportation channel for Guinea's iron ore exports, which will drive the overall economic development of Guinea and the improvement of people's living standards, and at the same time provide a new important source for my country's iron ore imports. The project spans across Guinea, with a total length of 670km and a total construction cost of US$15 billion (approximately RMB 95.4 billion), including 172 bridges and 4 tunnels. It is expected to be completed by December 2024 and put into operation in March 2025. .

Sany Equipment Fights on the Simandou Railway Construction Site in Guinea

The staff of Sany Group introduced: "The whole project is expected to require more than 300,000 piles. The careful organization and close cooperation between Sany and the project team ensured the smooth start and progress of the project despite the lack of local materials." Participation Construction units such as China Construction Group and China Railway Group affirmed Sany's equipment and services. "There are many hard rocks in the bidding section we are responsible for, and Sany's equipment has performed well and achieved the expected goals."

In order to ensure that Sany equipment plays a stable role in the construction of the Belt and Road, recently, Sany Heavy Machinery held the "Service Thousand Miles" expedition ceremony, more than 50 agents and overseas regions are globally linked, more than 4,000 service engineers, and 3,400 service vehicles. Gather online and set off to carry out high-quality inspections of Sany equipment around the world. According to Chen Jiayuan, Chairman of Sany Heavy Machinery, "Sany Heavy Machinery' Service Miles" was founded in 2010 and has become a business card for high-quality services in the industry. At present, the activity has accumulated 230,000 inspection equipment times, itinerary 45 million kilometers, equivalent to 1125 circles around the earth's equator. The signatories of the five major theaters, the pile driving area and the international theater have respectively claimed the mission certificate and promised to achieve 100% customer satisfaction in the service. Sany 'Yiweixun' will also be released The two functions of automatic fault diagnosis and 3D annotation of service cases integrate automatic diagnosis and AR technology into the service process to further improve service efficiency.”

Under the night, Tiejian Heavy Industry was brightly lit, and the production was busy. From assembly, final assembly, commissioning, acceptance, to final delivery of materials, no matter how many orders and how busy the production is, CRCC workers are escorting the "heavy weapon of the country" in every link. The shield machine exported to India has entered the final assembly stage. Due to the tight schedule and heavy tasks of the project equipment, the production workshop actively "arranged troops", through the preparation of production plans in advance, rationally strengthening personnel input, and orderly arranging process connection and other measures to ensure the efficient production of equipment.

The shield machine sent to India is being commissioned

In the second industrial park of CRCC, the tunneling equipment exported to Sri Lanka has successfully completed the acceptance inspection. In order to better serve the project, CRCC has set up "three inspections" of self-inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection in the production process. At the same time, it has set up two stages of in-plant inspection and factory inspection in the inspection and acceptance process to carry out closed-loop management of three-level problems. Ensure high-quality output of products and ensure high-quality excavation of equipment on the construction site. The project has advanced to the last batch of materials to be shipped, and is about to go to the port to start an overseas excavation journey.

The smoke and dust are vast, and in the desert filled with yellow sand, Chinese builders are building a star landmark stadium. With the help of Zoomlion's equipment, over 70% of the foundation construction of the N'Djamena Stadium project in Chad has been completed. A sports "Pearl" symbolizing the friendship between China and Chad and the happy life of the Chadian people is gradually taking shape. The N'Djamena Stadium project in Chad is one of the results of the implementation of the specific measures of the "Eight Actions" of the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, and it is a milestone in China-Chad cooperation. The construction area of the project is about 16 hectares. After completion, it can accommodate 30,000 people to watch the game at the same time. It can also host the "Africa Cup" level intercontinental competition, as well as national individual competitions and large-scale cultural activities.

Zoomlion equipment is under construction on the stadium site

The relevant person in charge of Zoomlion introduced: "At present, in the N'Djamena Stadium project in Chad, Zoomlion is equipped with nearly 10 types of equipment such as construction cranes, excavators, bulldozers, and concrete pumping machinery. , is a major force in the construction of the project. Even in this environment full of yellow sand and wind, these equipments still effectively guarantee the progress of the project with their strong applicability to working conditions and excellent performance." He added , "Zoomlion's equipment has also widely participated in many famous large-scale projects in Africa, such as Uganda's Hoima oil field and pipeline project, Tanzania's largest hydropower station Julius Nyerere hydropower station project, and Egypt's new capital construction project. Branch has become the top three Chinese construction machinery and agricultural machinery exporters in Africa." Editor / Xu Shengpeng