Wuxi two rivers remediation and improvement are on the fast lane

Seetao 2022-06-17 17:19
  • The Wuxi section of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal integrates flood control and drainage, transportation and shipping
  • Liangxi River is an important water system connecting the urban water system, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and Taihu Lake
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On June 15, 2022, the construction of six demonstration sections including the Sanshuihui Science and Technology Ecological Park was fully launched, marking the construction of the Wuxi section of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the Liangxi River Renovation and Improvement Project No. 1 entering the fast lane. According to a person from Wuxi Lianghe Office, the total investment of the project is 34.13 billion yuan, and the annual planned investment is 9.6 billion yuan. It will reshape the connection between people, city and water through port and wharf renovation, water environment management, three-way connection and waterfront remodeling, etc. , so that the industry and the ecological environment develop harmoniously and symbiotically, and rejuvenate the city.

Two Rivers Remediation Project

The Wuxi section of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, the only section of the Grand Canal that crosses the city, is a composite axis integrating flood control and drainage, water resource allocation, ecological landscape, transportation and shipping, cultural tourism, etc.; Liangxi River, the oldest natural river in Wuxi It is also an important water system connecting the urban water system, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and Taihu Lake. The improvement of the two rivers is a positive response to the expectations of the people, and it is also an inevitable move to strengthen the construction of urban ecological civilization.

Since the formulation of the plan in the second half of 2021, the improvement and improvement project of the two rivers has always been carried out in an intensive rhythm. At present, the "Beijing-Hangzhou Canal (Wuxi Section) Renovation and Improvement Master Plan" and the Liangxi River Renovation and Improvement Master Plan have been reviewed, and 4 special plans have been approved. The renovation mainly involves Liangxi District, Huishan District, Binhu District, Xinwu District, and Wuxi Economic and Technological Development Zone, including Nanjian Park, Beijian Park, Jiangnan Canal Cultural Park, Sanshuihui Science and Technology Ecological Park, and Huishan Ancient Town Cultural Park. Brigade comprehensive development project, as well as the construction of shoreline improvement and three-way connection of the Liangxi River demonstration section, making the two rivers a golden water belt, a life beauty belt, an urban green belt, a cultural bond and an industrial demonstration belt.

"Most of the demonstration sections are combined with local resource endowments, and integrate cultural creativity and display, scientific and technological innovation, Jiangnan water town landscape and other characteristics." The person in charge of the Municipal Water Resources Bureau, the leading unit of the Municipal Lianghe Office, said. The Jiangnan Canal Cultural Park on the banks of the Grand Canal will make use of the four existing buildings and industrial relics to focus on the construction of the Canal Water Culture Exhibition Hall, the Canal Chuangzhihui, the Guochao Food Workshop, the Luoshe Science and Technology Red Pavilion and the Light of the Canal , to build the first scientific and technological innovation town and urban meeting room on the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Nanjian Park, located at the junction of the Ancient Canal and the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal, will be built into a Canal Ecological Park, Canal Experience Hall, Canal City Hall, Nanjian Folk Art Park (a non-genetic heritage art space), etc., becoming a collection of industrial cultural creativity, fashion and leisure. , Diversified urban meeting room for canal culture display. The Sanshuihui Science and Technology Ecological Park at the intersection of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Taihu Lake and Wangyu River will be built through the implementation of three passages, embankment reinforcement, landscape enhancement, etc. It is an integrated science and technology ecological park, as well as the East Coast Science and Technology Recreational Recreation Belt and the West Coast Agricultural Culture Display Belt.

Remediation also set up four special plans to address the problems of scattered wharfs along the line and the need to improve the specifications of embankments. According to the "Special Planning Plan for the Renovation of Ports and Terminals of the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal (Wuxi Section)", 69 port enterprises and 174 berths along the Grand Canal will be further optimized and integrated, and will be concentrated in Luoshe, Shitangwan, Wangzhuang, Xin'an Bridge, Shuofang 5 main operating areas to meet the needs of the construction of "beautiful rivers and lakes", and effectively improve the scale, intensification, greening and modernization of the port. The implementation of the "Special Plan for the Improvement of the Water Ecological Environment of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal (including the Ancient Canal)" will renovate and upgrade the sewage outlets, drainage areas and sewage plants along the line, manage the branches and branches, and restore the ecology of rivers and lakes. And so on, to achieve the goal of clear water and green shore, reduction of total phosphorus concentration in water body, continuous improvement of water environment quality, and increasingly stable water safety barrier. Wuxi City will also carry out planning and construction for the protection, inheritance and utilization of the Grand Canal culture, integrating and upgrading 27 existing cultural relics protection units and 294 cultural and tourism resources along the Grand Canal, so as to highlight the canal culture, industrial and commercial culture, and strengthen industrial relics. Conservation and utilization, showing the new realm of canal culture and technology integration under the empowerment of science and technology. The embankment of the Grand Canal will also be renovated and constructed. The embankment should not only be safer, fully heightened and reinforced to meet the 200-year flood control standard, but also highlight its appearance and enhance its functions. It is required to carry out the construction of three-way connection and water ecological management, so as to integrate the city with the landscape and culture.

"In the next stage, Wuxi City will take the start of the construction of the demonstration section as an opportunity to speed up the progress of the project and realize the rectification goals of 'clear water, green banks, Wenchang people, and prosperous production and prosperity' as soon as possible." said a person from the Municipal Lianghe Office. Wuxi City will combine with major projects such as sponge city construction and "the cleanest city construction in the country" to strengthen quality control of the project, and to further excavate and highlight the cultural characteristics of the "two rivers" to create the unique charm of Jiangnan water towns. In 2022, Wuxi City will complete the expropriation and demolition of no less than 65% of the total, and the main construction of demonstration projects such as Sanshuihui Science and Technology Ecological Park will be completed to ensure obvious results within the year. Editor/He Yuting