Tender for 500 MW renewable energy and storage project in Gujarat, India

Seetao 2022-06-17 17:45
  • The project will be based on construction, operation, and the project must add an energy storage system
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GUVNL has invited proposals to build 500 MW of grid-connected renewable energy projects anywhere in the Indian state of Gujarat. GUVNL may enter into 25-year power purchase agreements with selected developers. Applicable tariffs under the PPA shall include peak and off-peak tariffs and shall be fixed throughout the term of the PPA. Energy supplied during off-peak hours will be eligible for a flat rate of $0.029/kWh. The price of energy supplied during peak hours should be determined through electronic reverse auctions.

Developers should deploy solar, wind power projects with energy storage systems with an energy rating of at least "X/2" MWh, where "X" is the contracted project capacity under the PPA. For example, for a contract project with a capacity of 100 MW, the installed energy storage system has a minimum energy rating of 50 MWh. Projects under construction that do not have any PPAs with existing buyers should also qualify for this RFS. If solar and wind-solar hybrid projects have co-located energy storage systems, a single developer must bid for at least 50 MW. The minimum bid capacity for wind power developers is 25 MW.

Developers can choose to connect at state transmission utilities or central transmission utility substations. Renewable energy projects will also be allowed to be built in existing wind farms already connected to the grid, but only if the corresponding GETCO/CTU substation has spare capacity for renewable energy integration. Keywords: engineering construction, engineering news

The commissioning schedule for wind-solar hybrid projects with energy storage systems is 24 months from the date of signing the PPA. Wind or solar projects with energy storage systems must be commissioned within 18 months of the signing of the PPA.Editor/XingWentao