Learn from Li Guoqing, a loyal practitioner of the Belt and Road

Seetao 2022-06-18 09:48
  • Li Guoqing is actively practicing the Belt and Road Initiative and is the manager of Sinochem Indonesia Huayue Nickel-Cobalt Project
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Recently, the China Chemical Party Committee posthumously awarded Comrade Li Guoqing the title of "Outstanding Communist Party Member of the Group Company", calling on all party members, cadres and workers to learn from Comrade Li Guoqing.

Comrade Li Guoqing was the deputy manager of the Indonesia branch of China Chemical Sixth Corporation and the project manager of the Indonesia Huayue Nickel-Cobalt Project Department. After graduation in 1996, he joined the Sixth Company, and gradually grew from an installer to the backbone of the company's technology and management. He has served as project technician, project chief engineer, construction manager, and branch deputy manager. On April 26, 2022, Comrade Li Guoqing fell ill at work. After all-out rescue, the treatment was ineffective, and he passed away on the 27th.

Comrade Li Guoqing has made great contributions overseas for 14 years, practiced the Belt and Road Initiative with hard work and dedication, and used his life to interpret the precious spirit of Chinese chemists who are not afraid of hardships, work steadfastly, take root in the front line, and work hard. After Comrade Li Guoqing passed away, the Hubei Daily, Xueqiangguo and other media carried out a series of reports on his deeds, which caused repercussions in the society.

Late at night on April 26, 2022, Li Guoqing, who had just finished a day's work, suddenly felt an unbearable headache. After going to two hospitals and after three rescues, the conscientious "old scalper" unfortunately passed away at 5:30 in the next morning at the age of 45. When he opened the door, the unfinished work plan was neatly placed on his desk. Time seemed to freeze at this moment, leaving Li Guoqing's selfless dedication forever.

Li Guoqing, was the deputy manager of the Indonesia branch of China Chemical Sixth Corporation and the manager of the Indonesia Huayue Nickel-Cobalt Project. After 14 years of hard work overseas, he spread his passion on the front line of the Belt and Road construction. The project has repeatedly refreshed industry records such as the construction cycle and the speed of reaching production and standards, showing the skills of Chinese craftsmen and the level of Chinese construction, and practicing it with practical actions A solemn promise from an engineer.

Make a project tree a benchmark

In 1996, Li Guoqing, who just graduated from school, chose to join China Chemistry. He is tall, strong in speech, decisive in his actions, and never sloppy. When he first entered the industry, Li Guoqing, who is studious and motivated, has engaged in many professional jobs such as technology, personnel, scheduling, and procurement.

In 2008, Li Guoqing, full of lofty aspirations, actively responded to the national "going out" strategy, applied to the leaders of the unit, and took the initiative to invite Ying to work on foreign projects. "Working abroad not only bears the corporate image, but also shows our Chinese strength!" This is the original intention and mission of Li Guoqing's expedition abroad. In the past 14 years, from Pakistan, a neighboring country in South Asia, to Indonesia, a country of ten thousand islands, he has used his And hard work to practice the glorious promise of a Communist Party member.

The EVTL cryogenic storage tank farm project in Pakistan is the first cryogenic ethylene storage transfer station in the country, which can provide timely raw material guarantee for downstream user factories. For the first time on a foreign land, Li Guoqing chose to embrace all of these with optimism and tolerance in the face of language and cultural differences and restricted access to regions.

With a tight schedule and heavy tasks, how to win a beautiful battle in a short period of time is an urgent problem faced by the project team. Li Guoqing voluntarily gave up the vacation, and repeatedly communicated with the owner in depth with the general contractor, explained the construction plan and advantages with reason, and presided over the compilation of the large-scale storage tank flip construction method, which greatly shortened the construction time. Provincial and ministerial-level construction method achievement awards from the Construction Department, China Chemical Construction Enterprise Association, and China Chemical.

"The high efficiency of Li Guoqing's team has made me see the strength of China's construction." Brown, a supervisor from Ireland, once lacked trust in the Chinese team. This cooperation made him eliminate prejudice and became good friends with Li Guoqing. "I appreciate it. The passion and enthusiasm of the Chinese people, and the professionalism and wisdom of the Chinese team, Li Guoqing's original flip method is impressive, and the high-standard work results are commendable."

The completion time of the project is half a month earlier than the original schedule, and the raw material storage technology in Pakistan has been greatly improved. Winning reputation with quality, trust with professionalism, and long-term friends with sincerity, the outstanding performance of Li Guoqing's team helped China Chemical Sixth Company to win the important salt chemical project of the Belt and Road Initiative and the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor" strategic node—— Anglo PVC Project.

In 2009, Li Guoqing moved to Tunisia to work. Tunisia is one of the countries with the most abundant reserves of phosphate rock resources in the world, and phosphate fertilizer-related industries occupy a very important position in the country's economy. Affected by historical origins, time and space distance and other factors, the country's engineering market has long been dominated by French companies.

Fuchs is the doorman and driver of the 360,000-ton/year phosphoric acid project of GCT Group in Tunisia. Like many foreign workers, due to cultural differences, when he first arrived at the project, he was very vigilant about the "foreigners" in his eyes, and he was very motivated to work. Not high, often absent from work and leaving early. Li Guoqing took the initiative to talk to him about his family and life. He discovered the unease and confusion in Fosse's heart, and gradually opened his heart.

"Mr. Li is willing to make friends with me and regard me as a brother and family member, which makes me gradually like the atmosphere here. Outside of work, my Chinese has been improved and I have learned a lot about Chinese culture." Foss said, "Inspired by everyone, I am determined to work steadfastly, do extraordinary things in an ordinary position, and live up to President Li's concern and concern."

Under the premise of guaranteeing quality, safety and construction period, the project passed the performance assessment perfectly and achieved 140% production capacity. It won the 2012 "Overseas Quality Project Award" of the chemical industry in one fell swoop, which not only made China's chemical "golden signboard" more rubbed in Tunisia The brighter it is, the more the overseas engineering market can further appreciate the company's world-class brand strength. During this period, he has worked on the company's projects, and the Tunisian skilled workers trained by the project have become a sought-after talent in the local labor market.

In 2012, Li Guoqing went abroad again and came to Indonesia, and participated in the Indonesian phosphoric acid project and the PKG ammonia synthesis project successively. In 2013, when the project was at its peak, General Secretary Xi visited Indonesia and proposed the "21st Century New Maritime Silk Road" initiative for the first time in Indonesia. Li Guoqing was deeply touched. While doing a good job in project management, he actively explored and expanded the market. After a detailed investigation and understanding of Indonesia, he and his colleagues agreed to target the nickel ore and related industry markets.

While establishing extensive contacts with the local market, Li Guoqing continued to explore and expand business. On the other hand, Li Guoqing proposed to integrate the company's original four project resources for unified deployment and use, and successively helped six companies to undertake Sulawesi Pinglang seaweed processing. Factory, Indonesia Dahe 1.6 million tons/year laterite nickel ore smelting, DXN 3.5 million tons/year steel, OBI nickel-cobalt projects in North Maluku Obi Island, etc.

During the period, the phosphoric acid project won the 2015 "Overseas Quality Engineering Award" of the chemical industry, and Li Guoqing personally also won the company's outstanding foreign engineering management award and other honors, becoming a recognized expert in the field of sulfuric acid construction in the eyes of everyone.

hard work and responsibility

Li Guoqing and his wife Liu Zhengzheng are well-known "model couples" in the company. His wife's WeChat is always on the top, and they will video chat every night, and they will take pictures and share when they encounter interesting things.

In the summer of 2019, Li Guoqing was transferred back to work in China, and it was rare to enjoy family happiness. Four months later, the sixth company undertook the company's first overseas EPC project, the Indonesia Huayue Nickel-Cobalt Project. As the world's largest sulfur-based acid project, it has a large scale, tight schedule and heavy tasks. Li Guoqing is the leader of the project. The most professional candidate.

Li Guoqing also hesitated. Over the years, his biggest regret is that he spent too little time with his wife and daughter. Although Liu Zhengzheng was full of reluctance, he still persuaded him to work with peace of mind. She told her colleagues: "National Day is the pride of the family. The company needs him, and the project site needs him. As a family member, we cannot hold back."

Recognizing Li Guoqing's erudition and good governance, he was once again appointed by the Party Committee of the Sixth Company Committee as the manager of the Huayue Nickel-Cobalt Project. The two tenders share a team with a total contract value of 1.17 billion yuan. Just as the work was gradually arranged properly, but the epidemic broke out suddenly in the century, Li Guoqing resolutely went retrograde. He packed his love for the motherland and his family into his bulging luggage and set foot on the land of Indonesia again.

At the moment of the epidemic, many domestic workers are "unwilling to come" and "can't get in". Li Guoqing resisted the pressure, and while extensively contacting domestic resources, he repeatedly discussed how to introduce local labor in batches. He went back and forth to coordinate with the local government and the labor service company, and the personnel problem was finally improved. During the peak construction period, more than 1,200 foreign workers were introduced. During the period, the labor service company also reduced or exempted the introduction fee many times. Dale, the head of Indonesia's YA labor service company, said: "Li Guoqing usually treats me as a brother, and when I can help, it is naturally obligatory."

At 8:00 in the morning, walking on the construction site of the project, roaring machinery and busy workers can be seen everywhere, pipelines criss-cross, pieces of equipment permeate Changhong, and emerging green factories are rising up in the humid tropical mountains. When we were still bathing in the morning sun, Li Guoqing had already worked for two hours, and sweat had already soaked through his heavy work clothes.

As a project manager, Li Guoqing is not only good at overall planning, but also diligent in paying attention to detail. He insisted on doing everything by himself and fighting on two fronts: during the day, he led the management personnel into the site, under the scorching sun and endured mosquitoes, supervising and coordinating dozens of installations one by one, providing technical guidance one-on-one, and staying for four or five hours at a time; at night, he would He also attended various meetings on time, and arranged the materials, plans, personnel, and workload for the next day properly after the meeting was over.

"Our scheduling meeting is held almost every night during the peak period, and Li Guoqing has never been absent." said Yang Bo, deputy director of the owner's sulfuric acid plant: "He never avoids problems, but only tries to solve problems. With such a good big brother Working together, I not only learned a lot of professional knowledge, but also learned the good style of seeking perfection in work and engineering, and it is a blessing for me to get to know him for a lifetime."

In order to devote more time to his work, Li Guoqing voluntarily gave up living in a slightly distant apartment and chose to eat and live in an on-site workshop with his co-workers. His colleague said: "Even so, I never saw him go back to his room at noon to rest. Every time he was in the office talking about work while eating, he put down his chopsticks and went to the scene again." Li Guoqing, who was serving in the military, was very busy and exhausted. Many colleagues reminded him to pay attention to his body. He always smiled and said that he was in good health.

"Li Guoqing has a 'shortcoming', he never complained to us, he took it all by himself." Recalling the little things during the construction of the project, Zhang Jinlin, manager of Sinochem Sixth Construction Indonesia Branch, had tears in his eyes, he sighed with emotion Said: "Actually, we hope he can complain to us a few more words..."

Persevere and play the symphony of life

At 4:00 a.m. on October 1, 2021, the 1-series unit of the project was successfully put into operation on schedule and produced qualified finished products. In one fell swoop, the world's laterite nickel ore hydrometallurgical smelting has the shortest construction period, the most stable production after it is put into operation, and the fastest reaching production standards. Industry records.

As a cathode material for new energy vehicle batteries, the product provides a strong material supply guarantee for the development of Indonesia's new energy industry. Due to the outstanding performance of Li Guoqing's team, the company has won an order of 1.8 billion yuan for the Huafei nickel-cobalt project in Indonesia. The day of driving coincides with China's National Day. The good news of success is undoubtedly the best birthday gift from the project team to the motherland, and everyone also remembers that this day is also Li Guoqing's own birthday.

After the debugging was completed, it was past 6:00 in the morning. After Li Guoqing made a brief summary, he plunged into the scene again. At noon, the young people in the project secretly bought a birthday cake for Li Guoqing. In order to "trick" him into coming back for his birthday, everyone lied that they had something important to tell.

Anxiously pushing the door open, Li Guoqing saw his colleagues who got along day and night were dancing and shouting "Happy National Day! Happy National Day!". Faced with this situation, he smiled and blamed everyone for "no big or small". After making a wish and dividing the cake, Li Guoqing rushed to the construction site in an urgent work call, and hastily ended the "two-minute birthday party". No one would have thought that this would be Li Guoqing's last birthday.

Half a year before the onset of the disease, Li Guoqing was busy finishing projects and evacuating personnel. A month before the onset of the disease, Li Guoqing and his wife made a video, "I booked a flight back to China on June 16, just in time for my daughter's vacation, and we will go to the beach together for a vacation..." Facing the family's expectations, he patiently comforted his wife a few words.

The day before the onset of the disease, Li Guoqing explained to his colleague Wang Jilin how to evacuate people at the scene, and how to organize the canteen and office items. Wang Jilin said that he was "like a banner" to guide everyone. Two hours before the onset of the disease, Li Guoqing participated in the company's video conference to report how to close, how to hand over, and how to evacuate. The leader commented that he had a "high-pitched voice and clear thinking".

With incomparable loyalty to the party and infinite love for the cause, Li Guoqing worked hard in a foreign country nearly 4,000 kilometers away from his homeland, and he did not slack off, burning up the last light and heat of his life.

When the bad news came, everyone sighed and cried. His family said that he didn't leave on National Day, and he was just on a mission for a long, long, long time. Gao Baojun, vice president of the owner Huayou Cobalt and general manager of Huayue Company and Huafei Company, wrote: "After several years of common struggle and sharing weal and woe, National Day is our comrades-in-arms, friends, and family!"

"No matter how hard or tired, when I hear Mr. Li's laughter, I feel that any difficulty can be overcome." "We will carry forward your spirit on the spot and complete your unfinished road!" The former colleague wrote in the comment area of the report. Leave a message to express my respect for this old leader who is based on his own post and has a deep sense of humanity.

Many years ago, Li Guoqing taught the newly arrived college students how to recognize drawings and charts on the spot, leading young people to overcome various difficulties encountered in the construction process. Now they have grown into the mainstay. "Mr. Li's deeds made me determined to complete the project smoothly, please rest assured." Dong Haipeng said, "In the future, I will also become a person who will go wherever there is a need."

As a communist, Li Guoqing deeply interprets his hot original intention and mission with the vigorous vigor of indomitable struggle, the high-spirited spirit of bravely creating first-class, and the uprightness of the front line. Continuing to struggle and set off again, countless ordinary heroes like Li Guoqing are dedicated to their duties and are willing to contribute, and they will surely gather a high-spirited torrent for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.Editor/XuNing