The maiden voyage of CIMC Qiangguan LTL project was successful!

Seetao 2022-06-20 19:43
  • CIMC Qiangguan is committed to providing higher quality products for global tanker users and leading the development of the industry
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On June 18, 2022, the first batch of mixing tanks of the "Light Tower Manufacturing Network" LTL project of Qiangguan Tanker Business Group (hereinafter referred to as "Qiangguan Business Group") under CIMC Vehicles successfully arrived at Yangzhou Port. Wang Zhujiang, CEO of CIMC Vehicle Qiangguan Business Group, Zhou Lian, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Yangzhou Yuanyang International Terminal Co., Ltd., and members of the project team attended the inaugural voyage reception ceremony.

CIMC Vehicles has deepened the business model of "cross-ocean operation, local manufacturing" under the current globalization background, and maximized the production capacity, assembly capacity and global supply of the Group's 23 production plants and 10 assembly plants around the world. Chain management capability and global distribution logistics management capability, CIMC Vehicles has formed a transnational operation pattern with core competitiveness.

Qiangguan Business Group implements the business strategy of CIMC Vehicles, builds a "lighthouse manufacturing network" system in the tanker industry, and establishes an LTP tanker lighthouse production center, an LTS lighthouse outsourcing center, an LTL lighthouse distribution center and a LOM lighthouse manufacturing center. Promote the complementary advantages of resources and efficient coordination of its three major product brands, "Tonghua", "Ruijiang" and "Wanshida", and digitally empower the industry to upgrade. It is committed to providing global tanker users with higher quality products, technologies and services, leading the industry healthy growth.

Wang Zhujiang, Senior Vice President of CIMC Vehicles, CEO and President of Qiangguan Business Group, and Zhou Lian, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Yangzhou Yuanyang International Terminal Co., Ltd. attended the inaugural voyage reception ceremony

The first batch of mixing tanks shipped from Wuhu Port

Relying on the "Lighthouse Manufacturing Network" system, the core components of the concrete mixing tank manufactured by the LTP production center are sent to the LOM Lighthouse Manufacturing Center through the LTL Lighthouse distribution network for complete vehicle production.

The first batch of mixing tanks for the first voyage of the LTL project successfully arrived at Yangzhou Port

CIMC Vehicles Qiangguan Business Group was established in January 2022. It is a group company under CIMC Vehicles specializing in the tanker business. It has three intelligent manufacturing bases in Yangzhou, Anhui, and Liangshan, Shandong. Ruijiang" and "Wanshida" are three well-known brands of tank trucks. They have three series of products, including liquid tank trucks, mixer trucks and powder tank trucks, and eight business units. CIMC Vehicles Qiangguan Business Group has established a marketing and service network covering the global market. The total annual sales volume has been leading the industry for many years, and it is the world's largest tanker business group by sales. Editor / Xu Shengpeng